BAT increased 7% while Bitcoin fell below $ 8,800

BAT increased 7% while Bitcoin fell below $ 8,800

The day after the release of Brave browser 1.0, the BAT token registered a price increase of 7%.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Basic Attention Token is used as a reward system within the Brave browser. The idea is to create a decentralized marketplace that connects advertisers, publishers and users. Content creators are directly rewarded by BAT users, and users who use Brave Rewards are paid to view advertisements. Currently there are over eight million active users of the Brave browser, of which 300,000 are content creators.

While BAT is growing, Bitcoin has been steadily declining over the past period, reaching about $ 8700. Technical analysis shows that if the downward trend continues over the next few days, BTC may end up testing $ 8,400.

BTC may end up testing $ 8,400.

Iran offers rewards to those who report illegal cryptocurrency mining operations

The Iranian authorities offer a reward to all those who report unauthorized mining operations in the country. A Ministry of Energy spokesman announced the rewards program in an interview with local IRIB News.

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Those reporting cryptocurrency mining operations using illicit subsidized electricity will receive up to 20% of the amount of damages recovered.

The ministry also unveiled the new electricity pricing system designed for crypto miners. They will have to pay the export price of electricity, about 9,650 rials ($ 0.2) per kilowatt-hour. Also, mining of cryptocurrencies during periods of high electricity consumption will be prohibited.

Iran is increasingly regulating cryptocurrency mining. In September, the authorities proposed an annual register of crypto mining operations. Also, companies that repatriate income from mining cryptocurrencies are eligible for tax exemptions.

Anonymous investment of $ 75 million in confidentiality

The Unknown Fund plans to invest $ 75 million in Bitcoin for projects that will ensure transaction confidentiality. This fund is created by a group of anonymous people, known as Anonymous. Apparently, they met on the 4chan website and want to promote the protection of personal data.

Projects working on tools to ensure the confidentiality of data and transactions can contact the Unknown Fund by e-mail for funding.

“The main objective of the big corporations is to gather as much information about the personal lives of the people, then to use it for their enrichment. And they do a great job of making ordinary people poorer. We are ready to fight for change and to protect people ”,

commented one organizer.

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The fund’s website does not provide information, but only a contact email address and a quote from Edward Snowden:

“Not data is exploited, but people are exploited.”

Coinbase crypto debit card, also available in Romania

Coinbase has extended the availability for the Visa debit card that can be supplied with cryptocurrencies in Romania as well. According to the company’s announcement, exchange customers from 10 new European countries have the opportunity to use the card.

In addition, support has been added for five new cryptocurrencies – XRP, BAT, Augur (REP), 0x (ZRX) and XLM. Previously, the card could only be powered by BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC.

In addition to Romania, Coinbase customers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland and Sweden can request this card.

Issued by Paysafe, the card can be used wherever Visa is accepted, including international. There are 1% (domestic) or 2% (international) fees for ATM withdrawals in excess of EUR 200. There may also be fees for some purchases.

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Coinbase also offers an iOS and Android app that allows users to make Visa payments on mobile devices.