Be quiet! Case test Silent Base 601

Be quiet! recently refreshed some of his housings. They tried to adapt to the current trends by introducing, among others, a basement. This is how the Silent Base 601 model was created. Is it worth recommending?


I received the housing in a standard cardboard box. Along with it, there are cable ties, a disk basket, screws and instructions. The latter explains the assembly of components very well. The warranty is 36 months.

be quiet! Silent Base 601 measures 532 mm x 240 mm x 481 mm and weighs 11.22 kg. It will fit motherboards in E-ATX, ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX formats. It is available in black, orange and silver. You can also buy it without a side window.

Be quiet! Silent Base 601 looks great. It is an elegant structure without the ubiquitous LEDs or backlights. The side window only improves its reception. The housing is definitely aimed at people who do not like RGB and the disco of lights. There is no room for 5.25 inch devices in the front. Under the panel there is a large dust filter that perfectly catches all dirt. One 140 mm fan was also placed there. This is the Pure Wings 2 model, which is to provide excellent air flow. Its speed can be controlled (the maximum is 100 RPM at 18.8 dBA and 61.2 CFM), but more on that later. Generally, two 120/140 mm propellers will fit in the front. The dust filter on the bottom of the housing is also removed from the front. It is also worth mentioning that there is also a silencing mat at the front.

There is an input / output panel on the top. There are two USB 3.0 inputs, one USB, a headphone output and a microphone input. Also here there is a switch on and off, and a 3-stage fan speed controller (supports up to 3 propellers). Further at the top there are ventilation grilles for optional fans, which can be three pieces 120/140 mm. It is a pity, however, that there is no dust filter here, but there is a silencing mat.

Both sides have an ingenious opening system. There are two buttons on the back, when pressed, the lock is released and both sides can be removed. A great, simple and very pleasant solution. The left side is 4 mm tempered glass, and the right side is a sheet with soundproofing lining. This ensures that the sounds from the inside reach our ears as little as possible.

Be quiet! Silent Base 601 stands on four feet, which are lined with non-slip material. / Thanks to this, the housing does not slide on the panels and is very stable. There is also a large dust filter on the bottom. As mentioned, it is removed from the front and can be cleaned this way. A simple and functional solution.

The back is rather standard. At the bottom there is a place for the power supply, above 7 PCI plugs – horizontal and two vertical ones, and at the top there is another Pure Wings 2 fan. The plugs are mounted with quick-connect screws. At the top you can also see two buttons to open the side panels.

As a standard, the housing is divided into two zones. They are separated by a metal housing, on which, above the power supply, there are ventilation openings and a plug that can be removed when installing the radiator at the front or a 120/140 mm fan can be mounted there. There is a large hole in the place where the motherboard is installed. It allows the installation of cooling without removing the motherboard. Be quiet! Silent Base 601 has an excellent cable management system. It has a lot of rubberized holes, and there are no problems with the CPU cable.

There is up to 25 mm of free space in the back, so the cables can be easily placed there. The case can accommodate a graphics card up to 449 mm long (287 mm in the case of an installed HDD cage) and a CPU cooler up to 185 mm high. At be quiet! The Silent Base 601 can also accommodate up to 7 3.5-inch drives and up to fourteen 2.5-inch drives. Interestingly, the included accessories allow for the maximum installation of 3 or 6 disks in succession. In order for more to fit, you need to buy appropriate cages. 2.5-inch drives can also be mounted behind the motherboard, hence their greater number.

In the basement, there is a place for the power supply as standard. Its maximum length is 288 mm, so even the longest structures will fit. The power supply is placed on anti-vibration feet. Next is a basket for 3.5 / 2.5 ” drives. The rest can be mounted in these characteristic be quiet! next to the motherboard.

The housing is also very liquid-cooled. There are 120/140/240/280 / 360mm radiators at the front, 120/240 / 360mm at the top and 120 / 240mm at the rear. There will also be no problems with the pump, reservoir or hoses. The housing is spacious, so the whole thing can be arranged nicely.


Be quiet! Silent Base 601 costs about 460 PLN. At this price, it is one of the best constructions on the market – the company tried very hard to design it. It looks elegant, has no backlight, which is why many people who value this type of thing will like it. The side window only adds to its charm. Silent Base 601 is muted, so you should enjoy virtually no noise from inside. Also, the two attached fans themselves are quiet and you can control their speed. The interior has been well thought out and will accommodate large components. The cabling system itself is brilliant and easy to use. If I had to cling to something, it would only be the lack of a dust filter on top. It occurs everywhere else. I definitely recommend the housing because it made a big impression on me – it really is great.