be quiet! Silent Loop 2 in the test – restart of the all-in-one compact water cooling

be quiet! Silent Loop 2 in the test – restart of the all-in-one compact water cooling

Despite the somewhat bumpy start with problems with the pump in the first generation, be quiet! do not be discouraged to re-establish your own AiO water cooling. So now a new, hopefully improved successor is being launched on the market. And even if the longevity cannot be tested in a review, we will of course take a closer look at the new complete water cooling in the following article.

Packaging and scope of delivery

The outer box is in the well-known be quiet! held, so completely black, gray stripe with “Premium” lettering on the side and orange accents. In addition, there is the classic large product image on the front and feature descriptions on the back. We already know.

And inside it goes on as usual, a cardboard shell protects the cooler during transport. In addition, the pump block,
Fan and accessories again individually bagged. The radiator is also enclosed in a cover made of thin cardboard.

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The accessories then contain a little surprise, because in addition to the usual mounting material and RGB controller, there is a 100ml bottle of coolant. Three small cable ties and a PWM Y-splitter complete the whole thing together with a very small tube of thermal paste.

Assembly and installation

For the AM4 socket, the existing backplate is used again, into which two brackets are attached from the front of the mainboard with four spacers and screws each. Two spring-loaded screws are firmly attached to the pump block and screwed into the brackets.

The installation is easiest with the board lying down, otherwise the whole thing is a bit fiddly. At 500mm, the somewhat stiff hoses are long enough for most housings.


Below is an overview of the technical details, everything else can be read as usual on the manufacturer’s website.

be quiet! Silent Loop 2 240mm (BW010) expected to be available from April 8th, 2021

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