Before the fall of bitcoin in the blockchain, a transaction of more than $ 1 billion

Before the fall of bitcoin in the blockchain, a transaction of more than $ 1 billion

This morning, one of the largest transactions in recent months worth over a billion dollars was made from an unknown wallet in the Bitcoin blockchain.

September 6, 2019, at about 6:30 a.m., an unknown sender completed a transaction
at 94,504 BTC. Information about this appeared
on Twitter Whale Alert. In the evening, bitcoin began a large-scale correction that interrupted the growth wave that began on August 29.

In the comments, users immediately rushed to associate this event with the upcoming launch of the Bakkt platform Bitcoin futures platform. For example, mathematician Musa Shamaev believes that these are deposits for Bakkt wallets. Others suggested that it was connected with the system configuration of the new platform.

Bakkt representatives already confirmedthat they began to accept deposits in bitcoins, but do not comment on the situation with this transaction and the receipt of large deposits.

Deliverable Bakkt Futures Futures To Be Launched
in the second half of September. ICE (operator of the New York Stock Exchange) has received permission from the New York State Department of Financial Services.

The TokenAnalyst analytic company has tracked the way Bitcoins move to the transaction and found outthat at least a third of the BTC from this transfer are related to the Huobi Global exchange.

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Huobi also has no comments yet. It is possible that in this way the exchange transfers client funds between its wallets.

Another point is noteworthy: the sender chose an extremely high commission – 480 Satoshi per byte, which cost him about $ 700. In the current state of the network, only 21 satoshi per byte would be enough to include a transaction in the next block. An unknown sender overpayed about 20 times, although he could have paid only $ 35.

The last known major transfer of such volume was the transaction of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which translated
$ 1.26 billion worth of bitcoins from one wallet to another. The amount of commissions was only $ 124.6.