Best video Card For Mining – Maximizing Profits 2019

Best video Card For Mining - Maximizing Profits

Planning on maximizing profit – Here is a list of the best video card of mining. Mining on a video card in 2019 can be practiced by everyone because this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to live in cryptocurrency. However, it is worth considering right away that earnings will directly depend on the capabilities of your equipment, so if you want to have a significant income, you will need a card with high characteristics.

GPU mining requires the most high-performance graphics cards, usually the latest Nvidia and AMD models. Of course, they do not differ in cheapness, but they will become a kind of initial payment, which will subsequently pay off, and the profitability of the old lines may fall so quickly that you do not even have time to pay for the equipment.

Cloud mining is a good alternative to buying your own equipment; in it you are not buying equipment, but a contract to rent a certain power (hashret) for the extraction of cryptocurrency. This option is much more profitable and easier to implement. It requires only the purchase of a contract in your account and the withdrawal of the extracted cryptocurrency to your personal wallet or to the exchange for exchange.

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But if you love computer hardware and definitely want to build your GPU farm, carefully read the recommendations and models of video cards given below in this publication.

Key features when choosing a video card

  • The amount of video memory. Here it is worth choosing according to the principle “the more – the better”. Solid performance provide devices with a storage capacity of two gigabytes. Mining the ether on a video card with such a volume gives the best self-sufficiency indicators.
  • Memory speed. If you are thinking which graphics card is better for mining cryptocurrency. It is desirable to have a card with DDR 5 standard memory – according to the balance of power consumption and computing power, they currently have no analogues on the market.
  • Bus width. It is worth choosing a solution with only a 256-bit bus – 128-bit is several times inferior in performance to its modern counterparts. The speed of mining on video cards with an old tire is several times lower, and mining itself from scratch on a video card is almost impossible.
  • Cooling. Despite the fact that this item is the last one in the list, it is the most important one – the power of mining cards for mining depends on it. In the area of ​​coin mining, Radeon solutions show themselves best – they not only have a well-built active cooling system, but are also less susceptible to wear due to long-term continuous operation.
  • Overclocking capability. This is not such a significant advantage, not on every card accelerating mining – which video card you wouldn’t choose, you should study how it behaves when mining coins. Proper overclocking of a video card can give you an additional advantage of 20–40% of the original power, but it also requires unnecessary tuning of the device, and even in this case earnings can be even lower.

When assembling mining rig, the configuration with 4 identical video cards is most often used. These are the most stable systems, which bring a minimum of problems in the process of operation and configuration, and motherboards with 4 PCI slots are cheaper and more often appear on sale.

Table with a rating of mining cards for 2019

You can consider the offer of the latest generation of video cards from AMD and NVIDIA.

AMD Video Card Specifications

GPU:Memory capacity:Memory Type:Shaderprocessors:GPU frequency:Memory frequency:TP:TDP:Nutrition:
Radeon RX 5602-4 GB (128 bit)GDDR510241275 Mhz1750 Mhz14 nm80W1x6Pin
Radeon RX 5704-8 GB (256 bit)GDDR52048926 Mhz1650 Mhz14 nm.120W1x6Pin
Radeon RX 5804-8 GB (256 bit)GDDR523041120 Mhz2000 Mhz14 nm.150W1x6Pin
Radeon RX Vega 568 GB (2048 bit)Hbm235841471 Mhz1600 Mhz14 nm.210W2x8Pin
Radeon RX Vega 648 GB (2048 bit)Hbm240961546 Mhz1890 Mhz14 nm.295W2x8Pin
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* The technical specifications presented are relevant for reference video card samples.

Nvidia Graphics Card Specifications

GPU:Memory capacity:Memory Type:Shaderprocessors:GPU frequency:Memory frequency:TP:TDP:Nutrition:
GeForce GTX1050ti4 GB (128 bit)GDDR57681392 Mhz1750 Mhz14 nm75W1x6Pin
GeForce GTX10603-6 GB (192 bit)GDDR512801708 Mhz2000 Mhz16 nm.120W1x6Pin
GeForce GTX10708 GB (256 bit)GDDR519201683 Mhz2000 Mhz16 nm.150W1x8Pin
GeForce GTX1070ti8 GB (256 bit)GDDR524321683 Mhz2000 Mhz16 nm.180W1x8Pin
GeForce GTX10808 GB (256 bit)GDDR5x25601733 Mhz1375 Mhz16 nm.180W2x8Pin
GeForce GTX1080ti 11 GB (352 bit)GDDR5x35841582 Mhz1375 Mhz16 nm250W2x8Pin
 P106 (GTX1060)3-6 GB (192 bit)GDDR512801708 Mhz2000 Mhz16 nm120W1x6Pin
 P104 (GTX1070)4 GB (256 bit)GDDR5x19201733 Mhz1250 Mhz16 nm180W1x8Pin
 P102 (GTX1080ti)5 GB (352 bit)GDDR5x3200 1582 Mhz 1375 Mhz16 nm250W2x8Pin

It is better to use rigs on 6 or 8 video cards. In this case, you will need a certain motherboard, a more powerful power supply and cooling system, but at all costs, the equipment payback will be higher than in farms with a smaller number of video cards. However, the number of video cards on the farm can be increased gradually, the main thing is to initially choose the right power supply and motherboard.

Video cards P102, P104, P106 are specialized mining cards with less memory, no video connectors, a simplified cooling system, a reduced warranty (usually 3 months) and, accordingly, a lower price than full-featured video cards with the same chip. Ethereum mining optimized settings (but not necessary) can be used in these maps, which is why such mining cards show a higher hashrate when mining Ethereum.

AMD also has the Mining Edition RX470 / 570 and RX480 / RX580 video cards with less warranty, no video connectors and a simplified cooling system. In the BIOS of such cards, reduced memory timings are usually stitched, because of which such cards have a higher hashrate when mining Ethereum. Unlike Nvidia, for AMD cards, you can change the memory timings yourself getting the same or higher result on regular gaming graphics cards.

 Performance and price

GPU:PriceRecom *Price Comp.universe ** Appreciation%TDP ***the norm HashreitEthashnormal max Eff.the normMh / WHashreitEquihashnormal max  Eff.the normH / W 
Radeon RX 56099USD from 160USD+ 61% 65W11-15 Mh / s 0.17120-160 H / s  2
Radeon RX 570169USD from 380USD+ 125% 95W24-30 Mh / s 0.25280-320 H / s  2.94
Radeon RX 580199USD from 410USD+ 106% 120W25-31 Mh / s 0.21290-330 H / s  2.41
Radeon RX Vega 56399USD from 760USD+ 90% 170W34-45 Mh / s 0.2440-500 H / s  2.58
Radeon RX Vega 64500USD from 910USD+ 82% 240W37-46 Mh / s 0.15450-520 H / s 1.87
Geforce GTX 1050ti139USD from 200USD+ 44% 60W12-15 Mh / s 0.2160-190 H / s  2.66
Geforce GTX 1060249USD from 290USD+ 16% 100W20-25 Mh / s 0.2290-340 H / s  2.9
Geforce GTX 1070399USD from 560USD+ 40% 120W27-32 Mh / s 0.22420-500 H / s  3.5
Geforce GTX 1070ti449USD from 630USD+ 40% 145W28-33 Mh / s 0.19450-540 H / s  3.1
Geforce GTX 1080599USD  from 690USD+ 15% 145W23-27 Mh / s 0.16550-620 H / s 3.79
Geforce GTX 1080ti699USD from 1120USD+ 60% 200W33-37 Mh / s  0.17660-800 H / s 3.3
P106 (GTX1060)    100W20-24 Mh / s 0.2290-320 H / s 2.9
P104 (GTX1070)    145W32-40 Mh / s 0.22440-500 H / s 3
P102 (GTX1080)    200W34-47 Mh / s 0.17660-800 H / s 3.3

* The price is listed as recommended by the manufacturer at the start of sales and may significantly differ from the actual prices in stores.

** Price in ComputerUniverse store as of 03/03/2018

*** The power consumption during the mining of cryptocurrencies is taken as 80% of the nominal power consumption of the video card. It may vary depending on the video card model, overclocking applied and downward wiring.

As a conclusion from the calculations, two GTX1070 and RX570 cards can be identified as the most energy efficient out of the box without additional firmware and down voltting. The smallest trade margin due to the shortage is now in the GTX1060 and GTX1080 video cards at 16% and 15%, respectively. 

Based on the data on the price of video cards, you can make an approximate calculation of payback, which helps to make the right choice.

Calculation of video cards payback (Bitcoin $ 8500, Ethereum $ 540, ZCASH $ 245)

GPU:Ethereum USD per dayZCASHUSD per dayExcluding e / energy:e / en per day0.1 USD / kWUSDPaybacktaking into accounte / energy
Radeon RX 5600.450.34355 days. (102% per year)0.16551 days (66% per year)
Radeon RX 5701.00.8380 days (96% per year)0.23493 days (74% per year)
Radeon RX 5801.030.82398 days (91% per year)0.29554 days (66% per year)
Radeon RX VEGA 561.41.25542 days (67% per year)0.41767 days (47% per year)
Radeon RX Vega 641.531.27594 days (61% per year)0.58957 days (38% per year)
Geforce GTX 1050ti0.50.45400 days (91% per year)0.14555 days (65% per year)
Geforce GTX 10600.830.82349 days (104% per year)0.24491 days (74% per year)
Geforce GTX 10701.121.19470 days (78% per year)0.29622 days (59% per year)
Geforce GTX 1070ti1.161.28492 days (74% per year)0.35677 days (54% per year)
Geforce GTX 10800.951.56442 days (82% per year)0.35560 days (65% per year)
Geforce GTX 1080ti1.361.88595 days (61% per year)0.48800 days (45% per year)
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The calculation was made for a standard hash rate without overclocking video cards.

Video cards P102, P104, P106 did not participate in the calculations because practically do not occur in free sale, but due to the lower price, the payback period of such cards will be lower.

In early 2019, with the fall of the cryptocurrency rate and rising prices for video cards, the mining payback period dropped to 20% -35% per year, although a year ago the average return on video cards was 20% per month.

As before, the most relevant for the mining of a video card is the average price segment of the GTX1060 and RX570. Even taking into account the significantly inflated prices for the AMD RX570 / RX580 graphics card, their payback is equivalent to the Nvidia GTX1060 graphics cards, which now account for 16% of the original price.

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At the moment, the most profitable for mining can be called the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3gb and Radeon RX 470 4gb video cards. This is true for the Equihash algorithm, which is currently used, and in the future, there may appear other algorithms under which the behavior of video cards may change. We will provide a list of the most accurate calculators for calculating the income from a specific video card below.

Description of current graphics cards for 2019

Which graphics card is better to choose for mining in 2019? We propose to pay attention to the latest developments from leading companies: AMD and NVIDIA. And also will be relevant gadgets based on the AMD chip, which are referred to as Fury and Fury X. NVIDIA announced the development of a new VEGA chip, and after this news Fury prices began to plummet. And although not everyone takes them seriously, such cards are great for generating cryptocurrency. Their only drawback is the high level of energy consumption.

At the moment we recommend the following models of video cards, this is the best choice from what is on the market today:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

1050 Ti is the most affordable offer from our selection. It is now quite easy to find this card and the price tag starts from 10,000 rubles.

It should be borne in mind that the income from one such card will be relatively small, but if the rate of such cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Zcash will continue to grow, then even taking into account the cost of electricity, the cost of a video card can be recaptured and a little money can be earned.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

In general, why are there so high demand for those who build farms for the new 10xx series video cards from NVIDIA? The fact is that they are based on the Pascal architecture and provide an increase in performance up to 3 times compared with the chips of the previous generation.

Most importantly, they consume at times less electricity. It is not surprising that after a sharp rise in the cryptocurrency rate, the demand for new video cards has become phenomenal.

Geforce GTX 1060

Low memory capacity, which is only from 3 to 6 GB, affects the performance – the GTX 1060 produces a hashrate of just 20 Mh / s, but the frequency is 1800 Mhz. The creators with confidence emphasize the reliability and stability of the video card, offering it at a price of 15,000 rubles and above.

Geforce GTX 1060

As the analysis showed, it is an obvious contender for the title of the best map for mining 2019, because it will pay off in just 120 days (the best can be called the RX 470, but now it is almost impossible to find it).

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Geforce GTX 1070

The GTX 1070, although more advanced than the previous one, failed to distinguish itself particularly at the speed of payback. It comes out with only 8 gigabytes of memory, has the highest power of all the above presented – 28 Mh / s, but all this resulted in 27-30 thousand rubles, which is probably too expensive at the moment for one gadget. As a result, in order for her to return your money to you, you will have to wait at least 150 days.

Geforce GTX 1070

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The GTX 1080 Ti video card is the most expensive in the manufacturer’s lineup, but it is also the most productive. With the help of such brutal power, you can mine cryptocurrency 2 times faster than on the GTX 1070.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

By the way, experts advise buying exactly 1080 Ti instead of the usual GTX 1080. 1080 Ti gives about 700 sol, 1070 – 420, and 1080 gives 510-520: the profit is minimal, and the price is much higher. This is the most disadvantageous map for mining.

Sol is a  solution per second , that is, the number of attempts to select a transaction hash in a blockchain per second. The more powerful the video card, the more sol it gives out – the faster it turns out to earn money from mining.

AMD Radeon RX 580

AMD’s video cards are no less in demand than from NVIDIA. Because of its low price (as a rule, AMD graphics processors were cheaper than GeForce), the Radeon RX 470/480 instantly disappeared from retail immediately after the rise in the Bitcoin rate.

AMD Radeon RX 580

Those who wish to build a powerful mining farm with an acceptable level of energy consumption should pay attention to the Radeon RX 580 video card. It has an impressive overclocking potential, allowing you to improve the characteristics of not only the processor, but also the installed high-speed GDDR5-type memory, which is 4 GB.

Calculators of profitability of mining cryptocurrency on a specific video card model

There are two of the most accurate calculators, there you need to set a video card model and the cost of electricity in your area.

Typically, the accuracy of their assessment ranges from 90% to 110%.

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Advantages of video card mining

Mining on a video card using a different number of chips is a great way to make money if you are not afraid of initial investments.

First, it is a source of passive income. If you calculate everything, purchase equipment and perform its successful configuration, it will be a great asset. It can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 video cards, which are interfaced with other devices and provide excellent performance and computing power.

Secondly, the time spent on using this method of earning will be minimal, since it is not necessary to constantly monitor the equipment, it only needs to be periodically checked for efficiency, temperature and general condition.

Thirdly, this method gives a stable income, because you can be engaged not only in the extraction of bitcoins, but also in the rest of cryptovalues, which gives a winning position for the user in any case.

Disadvantages of video card mining

Given that the profitability of such a business is quite high, there are several factors that make such an occupation difficult and problematic.

Even if you choose the right equipment, the degree of dependence of uninterrupted Internet and electricity is high. in the latter case, the solution to the problem is to install batteries and bespereboynik, and the stability and reliability of the Internet is curled by the provider.

It’s impossible to earn on old, weak and cheap computers. If the computer is weak, then mining Bitcoins is not able to bring tangible results. The power of the equipment is important. And if you decide to order it from China, then you should follow the necessary selection rules to get the desired result.

Mining equipment produces a lot of noise, and also heats up during operation. Due to the strong heating, the coolers rotate stronger, which causes a lot of noise. The best option is to use the room, equipped with air conditioning.

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