Bethesda has revealed the first Starfield companion! Meet Vasco!

Bethesda has revealed the first Starfield companion!  Meet Vasco!

Bethesda finally told a little more about the companion characters on our Starfield adventure. Today we found out about Vasco!

Starfield – Bethesda is calmly on its way to premiere

Bethesda takes her time to inform us about Starfield. Will the developers make it to November 11, 2022, when the production is to be released on PC and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S using Xbox Game Pass? Well, it still smells like a slide for next year, but maybe the creators will surprise us?

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After all, for the first time we learn something more about a companion who will travel with us through space! Vasco, because that is the name of the robot in question, already appeared in the previous video material about the game, but we did not know any details about it then.

Meet Vasco from Starfield

Without extension – take a look at Vasco joining our Starfield team.

Vasco is an expeditionary robot of the Constellation, with which we will travel while exploring the world of Starfield. Bethesda relates that Vasco is one of the early models created by Lunar Robotics. It is a utility, heavy industrial machine that also has its own weapons, although by default it is a friendly machine.

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After this description, you can see how deeply the robot character is embedded in the game world. We even learn that his painting is white and red, that is, the colors of the Constellations faction. Such details indicate that Bethesda has indeed managed to create another large game world, the lore of which will probably be analyzed over the years, and the foundations created in Starfield will potentially serve as the basis for many other games that may be created over the decades.