Beyond A Conventional Charging Device

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Beyond supplying charge, not all external batteries have the same functions. Silicon Power’s new line of external batteries seeks to redefine the functions and characteristics of an external battery.

An external battery must be a reliable and safe device, as well as being able to provide charging efficiently. The inclusion of 4 base technologies makes this new line of external batteries go beyond a simple conventional charge.


The main objective of smartSENSE is to ensure universal compatibility between devices, as well as to maximize charging speed. smartSENSE ensures that the charging speed is the fastest possible thanks to its compatibility with Quick Charge (QC3.0), Power Delivery (PD), Apple Fast Charging, Samsung Fast Charging, among others. Automatic synchronization, on the other hand, provides the benefit of being able to charge your devices immediately after connecting.


The purpose of smartBOOST is to improve loading speeds. smartBOOST makes use of a dual motor, as well as the high charging rates of Power Delivery (PD) or Quick Charge (QC3.0) technologies to achieve an increase in charging speed. The simple act of connecting the battery to a device compatible with fast charging technology will automatically make the battery assume the fastest charging speed, that is, a faster 2.5 speed compared to traditional models.


smartFOCUS is a technology that contributes to the calibration and stabilization of the voltage during the charging process. The goal of smartFOCUS is to maintain optimal power levels during the charging process. Unlike generic external batteries, external batteries equipped with smartFOCUS are capable of dealing with voltage fluctuations. smartFOCUS reduces charging times by maintaining a stable flow of power.


smartSHIELD is a comprehensive 12-point protection system whose objective is to guarantee the safety of the user and their devices. smartSHIELD provides protection against overloads, overheating, static electricity, and even greater risks such as explosions. smartSHIELD eliminates the implicit risks of using generic external batteries.

Implementing These Technologies: QP60

The QP60 external battery It combines great design with excellent performance. The aluminum casing in its different colors gives it a touch of elegance and originality. Equipped with a dual input, you can charge the external battery through the Micro-USB or Type-C connector.

On the other hand with 3 outputs, you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously (2 USB Type-A ports and 1 Type-C port). Thanks to smartBOOST, the QP60 will be able to charge your devices 2.5 times faster and it can be recharged in just 3.5 hours via the Type-C port.

The launch of Silicon Power’s new line of external batteries kicked off in the middle of the first quarter and is expected to peak in this second quarter.

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