Binance X, an open-source crypto software development program

Binance X, an open-source crypto software development program

Binance X, an open-source crypto software financing and development program

Binance has announced that it is launching Binance X, an open source software development incentive program. For promising developers, Binance X offers a program of scholarships and educational programs on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Over 40 projects have already been accepted as Binance X collaborators, but the amount of financial support they will receive has not yet been disclosed.

“The Binance X team will help educate, create opportunities for collaborations and increase the degree of development of these projects through the different programs and resources we have at Binance”,

Teck Chia, the head of Binance X, said in a statement.

Bitwala launches a mobile application that integrates bank accounts with a crypto wallet

Bitwala, a blockchain banking service based in Germany, has launched a mobile application that allows users to open a German bank account with a bitcoin wallet embedded on their smartphones.

“Bitwala, based in Berlin, allows customers in over 30 European countries to buy, sell and store bitcoin,”

is shown in the press release.

“The current accounts are hosted by solarisBank, which holds a German banking license and is supervised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).”

With the integrated Bitcoin wallet, users can buy and sell bitcoin directly from their bank account.

The balance in EUR or BTC is available in the account in one hour. In addition, the Bitwala wallet offers peer-to-peer functionality, such as transferring BTC with other users and may request a specific amount of bitcoin via QR code.

The app is available for both Android and iOS. All Bitwala account holders also get a free debit card, which allows contactless payments and cash withdrawals from the account.

Wikipedia becomes editor on Brave Browser

Wikipedia, the 7th most visited website in the world, is the latest publisher to join Brave Browser. Wikipedia will now be able to accept donations and rewards in BAT tokens, which could significantly increase the non-profit organization’s revenue.

Currently, Wikipedia is the most popular site among Brave publishers, followed by the adult site Xhamster, the Device and Vimeo platforms, and the British newspaper The Guardian.

Adding Wikipedia to the list of publishers can lead to increased adoption for the Brave Rewards program. Also, the organization can test whether this program could act as a significant source of income for a publisher.

Currently, the online encyclopedia works on a revenue model based on donations, instead of advertisements.

Amazon employee accused of cryptojacking on client servers

Paige Thompson, an Amazon software engineer, used customer data servers for illegal cryptocurrency mining.

Between March and July 2019, Paige Thompson accessed at least 30 institution servers managed by Amazon Cloud Services, taking advantage of the fact that firewall systems were not configured correctly. It used the computing power of customers to mine cryptocurrencies. In addition, it has obtained confidential data from at least 100 million customer accounts. The victims include Capital One Bank, a US state agency, a telecommunications conglomerate and a public research university.

Authorities learned of Thompson’s work after sharing information on Capital One with GitHub. She is liable to a sentence of up to 25 years in prison and will have to give up all illegal proceeds.