Bitbon Cryptocurrency Reviews – Overview, Outlook, Forecast For 2018-2019 Year

Bitbon Cryptocurrency Reviews Overview, Outlook, Forecast For 2018-2019 Year

Bitbon cryptocurrency reviews. Overview, outlook, forecast for 2018-2019 year – System Bitbon – blokcheyn platform for kontribyutinga. Contributing – this name has received a new type of investment and raising money in its business projects. This type of activity should replace the existing model of ICO, which is characterized by the presence of fraud, lack of guarantees and project control.

Bitbon’s Team

 Simcord Advanced Marketing Solutions LLP, Simcord Information Services SIA, UBK Markets Limited, Integrated ECN Limited, Bitbon Transfer Ltd, Information Agency “PROK” are behind the development of the Bitbon System, an international IT company Simcord.

Main activities: software development, marketing, intellectual property, research, social activity.

Staff – more than 150 people. Most of the employees are programmers working in programming languages such as Java, C #, PHP, Java Script, Go, Solidity, etc.

In addition to specialists in the field of programming, Simcord employs system analysts, technical writers, algorithmic mathematicians, marketers, lawyers, customer support specialists, office managers, translators, project managers, system administrators.


On June 17, Simcord entered the public crowdsale with a hardcap of $ 400 million. Up to this point, a pre-sale and a closed crowdsale was held among the Company’s existing clients. Then the company collected over $ 50 million.

The public crowdsale lasted until October 10, 2018.

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Cost forecast

bitbon-system-cost forcast

According to crypto-analysts, the project is quite interesting, besides the company has its own history and a number of successfully implemented and working projects today. Also important is the fact that Simcord is already in the process of working and all the proceeds from the crowdsales are successfully used for the implementation of the plan. Plans are promising and when all this is implemented, Bitbon will obviously fly up as a cryptocurrency.

There are different opinions among the reviews about Bitbon, but the crypto-report isdefinitely very broad.

Bitbon Idea

In the Bitbon System, developers have laid out a number of unique properties. The first and most important thing is the connection with the real sector of the economy through kontributing (recall, this is the name of investing in the System). Bitup agencies are the link between the real and the digital world. These agencies are created in order to provide guarantees to the investor, and businessmen – business opportunities. The role of such an organization can be assumed by any serious financial or legal structure, for example, a bank, a notary office, an auditing company, a broker.

Bitup-agencies perform the functions of auditors and consultants in the process of attracting financing by entrepreneurs for their business projects.

The interaction scheme in the process of calculating is as follows:

– The entrepreneur (he is a Contract in the System) sends his business idea to the Bitup-agency;

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– Bitup-agency evaluates the business plan for the prospects and draws up Projectbon Public Contract (legal document translated into digital form, with the terms of interaction of all parties in the attributing process).

–   If the project is promising, then the Bitup agency publishes it on the stock exchange, where investors (they are also the System Distributors) will be able to help the project with a view to make a profit in the future when the project is implemented. The fundraising process is called IBO.

– Upon completion of IBO, the Contract receives the collected funds not immediately, but in stages.

– At each stage, the Contract is required to provide reports to the Bitup agency on the progress of the project.

It is very interesting that the Bitbon System itself also participates in an IBO as an investor. Therefore, under the terms of the contract, the profit will also be distributed to the System as well, thereby the System will self-develop and self-enrich.

Mining in the Bitbon System

Mining is also provided. Such an opportunity will appear in March 2019. For the initial filling of the mining reward fund, 30 million Bitbon will be allocated. They will be transferred from Assetbox (the so-called wallet in the System) of the Bitbon capitalization fund (the amount of Bitbon owned by the System and participating in the contributing). In the future, this Assetbox mining   will be   filled with rewards from the profit gained by the system in the process of konribyutinga.

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Where to buy Bitbon?

Mining in the Bitbon System

You can buy Bitbon at Purchases can be made using a Visa / Mastercard credit card, as well as by paying Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At the time of writing, the price for 1 Bitbon was $ 6.31997.

In November 2018, besides the purchase, the sale function will be available on the site.


Bitbon system definitely deserves attention. And it is clear that the developers have thrown all their strength on the implementation of this project. Already there is not only an idea, but part of the plan has also already been implemented. Be sure to follow what the company will achieve Simcord in their endeavors.

More information at

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