Bitcoin exceeds the $ 12,000 threshold to $ 12,780

Bitcoin exceeds the $ 12,000 threshold to $ 12,780

Over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has exceeded the $ 12,000 threshold, reaching even $ 12,780 for a short time. In addition, BTC’s market dominance reached 64%, a level not reached in the past two years.

Bitcoin exceeds $ 12,000

An increase in price, coupled with an increase in the dominance rate, indicates that investors are getting involved in the long-term market. Analysts are optimistic that in the next period, the Bitcoin price could reach $ 13,000. Bitcoin is currently trading at $ 12,300.

BitTorrent launches BTT token download software

The peer-to-peer torrent client has released download optimization software called BitTorrent Speed. The company’s official communiqué emphasizes that users can get the BTT token as a reward for seeding and bandwidth. Also, files can be downloaded faster by spending BTT.

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Bittorrent Speed ​​will now be integrated into all versions of μTorrent Classic for Windows.
An integrated wallet has been launched to allow users to manage their tokens.

ShapeShift launches a non-custodial platform that integrates hardware wallets

Swiss company ShapeShift has launched a new non-custodial platform for cryptomones that operates on multiple blockchains.

The new ShapeShift platform offers an integrated digital asset management suite, allowing an end-to-end tool for storing, buying, selling, trading and tracking cryptomones. It provides support for 50 cryptomonads, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Lithoin (LTC), and is dedicated to retail customers.

Users can integrate ShapeShift’s Safes or KeepKey hardware wallets, and private keys remain under their control.

Bitstamp launches its own Bitcoin Lightning Network node

The Bitstamp Exchange has announced that it has launched a Lightning Node to facilitate the development of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN). The company’s representatives said the technology
“Is the next step for Bitcoin and one of the payment systems of the future.”

ELECTRIFIED: We believe the Lightning Network has the potential to unlock a whole new level of utility for Bitcoin. We’ve set up our own #LN node to help grow the network and encourage other companies to get on board. Learn more or connect to our node:⚡️

– Bitstamp (@Bitstamp) July 8, 2019

The Lightning Network acts as a second layer on the Bitcoin network and is designed to allow fast and tax free transactions. These are through pay-per-view payment channels. LN has the role of resolving Bitcoin’s scalability by moving most off-line transactions.

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