Bitcoin rises to $ 12,900 with a dominance of over 60%

Bitcoin rises to $ 12,900 with a dominance of over 60%

Bitcoin’s rise continued, with BTC reaching close to $ 12,900 under CoinmarketCap. At the same time, its market dominance exceeded 60%, reaching almost 62%.

Since early June, Bitcoin has grown by almost 50%, and is currently estimated at around $ 12,850.

The rest of the cryptomonads registered slight increases, but it is clear that the period star is Bitcoin. Ethereum is currently traded at $ 335, while Bitcoin Cash is approaching $ 500.

Litecoin is maintained at roughly the same value last week as $ 136, while EOS rose slightly to $ 7.3.


Overall, total market valuation reached 365 billion dollars.

Opera Touch Browser with integrated crypto wallet, also available on iOS

The iOS version of Opera Touch has finally been released. Currently, the Web browser 3 with integrated crypto wallet is available on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS.

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Opera Touch allows users to interact with decentralized applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. The integrated wallet supports ERC-20 tokens, stable cryptomonodes and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Tesla, the victim of cryptojacking

Tesla Automotive is the latest company compromised by the cryptojacking phenomenon.

The hack was discovered by cyber-security firm Red Lock, who said the Tesla’s Amazon Web (AWS) server was infected with a crypto miner. The attack lasted a few hours before being identified and fought.

A spokesman for Tesla said customer data is safe:

“We maintain a bounty program to encourage this type of research and we approached this vulnerability within hours of being identified. The impact was limited to internal testing machines used by engineers. The investigation has revealed that user data and the safety or security of vehicles have not been compromised in any way. “

Red Lock received a $ 3,000 reward for identifying and solving the problem. However, the company failed to identify the attackers or to determine the amount of lost losses.

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Europol arrests six individuals accused of theft of USD 27 million in cryptomonas

Authorities in the UK, the Netherlands and Europol have announced the arrest of six suspects who have stolen more than $ 27 million in cryptomonas.

The attackers used the typosquatting method – they created a clone of a real site and found the user credentials. Later, they used this information to clear the accounts and wallets of the tricked users.

Europol reports that hackers have used this scheme to steal from at least 4,000 users in 12 different countries. The six people arrested lived in the UK and the Netherlands.

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