Bitmain Antminer r4 Review – Benefits Profitability Payback Specification

Bitmain Antminer r4 Review - Benefits Profitability Payback Specification

Bitmain Antminer r4 – Cryptocurrency market is developing every day. There are more miners – equipment for the extraction of coins. It increases. About one of the miners – Bitcoins product and Reviews – today and will be discussed. We will talk about Antminer R4 with a power of 8 TH / s. It can be installed at home. The noise level is quite low. From analogs differs significantly. The company revised the cooling system and the cooling fan. Due to this, the quiet operation of the ASIC was achieved with its efficient cooling.

Using R4 is simple. It will be easy to understand even a novice in the field of mining. Asik specially made for home users. This is a new product from Bitmain for Bitcoin mining. It’s not a problem.

Yes, mine bitcoin is now becoming more expensive. Professional mining of cryptocurrencies is carried out by large data centers. It is important to note that the equipment has reached the minimum temperature in the equipment used. But …

If only large operators will mine, the resistance of the Bitcoin network will be threatened with an attack by 51%. To avoid this, the blockchain must be supported by home users. And the new Asik from Bitmain is the best option for home use.

Convenient and easy to use AntMiner R4 from Bitmain runs silently. It has an energy efficiency of 0.098J / GH. At the same time provides a power of 8.6 terrahash per second.

Bitmain Antminer r4 – Ergonomics and specifications

Innovative miner, as they said, is very different from its analogs. Redesigned cooling system and not only. If you look inside the device, you can see two boards installed parallel to one another. They carry 126 BM1387 chips. Were used 16-nm technology. Issue 0.098 J / GH is provided. These chips are considered the most efficient in the world for Bitcoin in the consumer market. This is the main advantage of this Ashik – in using 126 BM1387 chips.

Bitmain Antminer r4 -  Ergonomics and specifications

Also, engineers have focused on maximum comfort for the use of a miner at home. Now about this in detail. How was such a quiet work miner achieved? Having bought the equipment, you immediately pay attention to the huge trellised box, which occupies almost 2/3 of the device. 

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There, the developers hid a tangential fan. It is usually used in home air conditioners and in industrial ventilation. But to put in an electronic product … Especially in a mining technique …. This is a big and very expensive fan. 

Not surprisingly, the price of Antminer R4 is one of the highest cryptocurrencies on the market. But she is quite justified. Excellent ventilation system, besides high power, quiet operation and minimum energy consumption – are worth paying for them.

By the way, expensive dimensional ASHs do not like large data centers. For large series devices are bad. Although this ASIC is not very big: 51x22x10 cm. That is, you can put it on a shelf of a computer desk or in some secluded place. Home miner device dimensions are not particularly interesting. After all, the minuses of the tangential fan are completely covered by the advantages:

  • Noiseless with high airflow
  • Stable high air exchange
  • Creating a uniform air flow
  • Significant efficiency
  • Ergonomic design

Asika R4 is a uniform air flow pattern. As for the classic version, where there are two axial fans, only the chips located near the blower fan are effectively cooled there. Gets hot air. It is accompanied by strong sound effects. Yes, it’s cool and it’s easier to create uncomfortable conditions for the user.

Bitmain Antminer r4 – Full specification innovation

Bitmain Antminer R4 is really low. According to the manufacturer, this is the quietest ASIC for mining high-power Bitcoin. It is recommended to purchase the APW5 noiseless power supply unit, designed for high-performance cryptocurrency mining. So, the device specification:

  • Power: 8, 6 TH / s
  • Energy Efficiency: 0.098 J / GH
  • Noise level: below 50 dB (at a temperature of 35 ° C, the figure will rise to 52 dB)
  • Power consumption: 845 W
  • Processor model: 126 energy-efficient 16-nanometer ASIC chips BM1387
  • Voltage: 12 – 13V
  • Dimensions: 51x22x10 cm
  • Operating frequency: 600 MHz

126 BM1387 chips are in each Antminer model R4. It was specially developed so that the minimum of noise at a maximum of power is provided. To improve the performance of this Ashik, it is recommended to use an APW5 power supply unit.

Bitmain Antminer r4 - Full specification innovation

What is the feature of the power supply APW5?

This is a new model. Released specifically for this Ashik. Compatible with 220 and 110V sockets. If connected to 220V, power consumption will be 2600W. The main advantages of APW5: excellent dynamic performance, high performance, protection against overload and network drops. The unit works almost silently, like the miner itself.

The high power of the APW5 power supply allows you to simultaneously connect several Antminer R4s. Connecting one or two Asikov will leave the potential for overclocking. You can use the block with earlier versions of miners. For example, it will support 6 S1 ASIC devices.

What is the feature of the power supply APW5
What is the feature of the power supply APW5

The unit has a built-in high-speed 120-mm cooler that cools well and at the same time silently functions. Minus: stick out the wires. That is, place better in reach of children.

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How to connect and run the miner?

Connecting and running this Ashik is similar to the miner AntMiner S9. In short, you need to perform several of the following operations:

  1. Connect the power supply to the ASIC, then to a power outlet.
  2. Internet connection (connecting a LAN cable to a router or to a switch).
  3. Customize mining. You need to know the IP address of the miner. To do this, go to the router through the computer (to do this, enter its address, something like Then log in. A list will appear in a special tab where the miner and his IP address will be visible.
  4. Enter the IP address of ASHIK into the browser.
  5. Set up pools. AntMiner works on the sha256 algorithm, respectively, and connect the pool.
  6. Registration at the pool and entry.
  7. Creating a worker
  8. Return to the ASIC interface, i.e., enter the settings and enter the URL and ports of the selected pool.
  9. Entering the user ID (which is entered when registering with the pool) into the worker.
  10. Saving settings.

It’s all. By clicking on the “Save” button, wait a couple of minutes until mining takes place. In the web interface there is a tab Miner Status, where the speed will be visible. After starting 30-40 minutes statistics will appear. You can go and watch the process.

How to connect and run the miner

Antminer r4 – Profitability and Key benefits

Compared to the high-powered S9 Antminer R4 from Bitmain, it ranks second with a hash rate of 8.6 terrachesh per second. This is a very powerful ASIC that consumes only 845 watts when using an APW5 power supply. For comparison: S9 consumes 1300 watts.

R4 is relatively inexpensive. The cost starts from 1560 dollars. It has high performance, and electricity consumption is insignificant compared to other analogues. Every day, this Asik will bring from $ 8.5.

In theory, the miner’s self-sufficiency will be achieved in six months. In practice, this was about 7 months. The more powerful the equipment and the more expensive, the faster the recoupment. Cheap can be slow and even after a year does not come in plus.

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The cost and stability of cryptocurrency is also of great importance. Now bitcoin is high. But if you consider that it will rise even higher, then the payback period will significantly decrease.

As for the risks, they are present everywhere. They need to be analyzed but do not be afraid. With a more or less stable cryptocurrency rate, this asik will bring excellent income.

Given the advantages of the device, it will be an excellent solution to purchase it. Easy to use, quiet, energy-efficient and at the same time quite affordable Antminer R4 will provide a good profit. The miner –Hashrate news and Updates – is aimed at home users. Its main difference from analogs is its special design. The flat wide case is well blown, and the powerful tangential fan makes almost no noise. Used power supply APW5 – this is the most modern device (PSU).

When using the device, there will be no difficulties. He has a thoughtful interface that is understandable for each user. Enter the address of the wallet, set up pools and done. Ashik’s profitability is good. In the year will bring from $ 3,000. This is one of the most productive and high-tech miners for the home, designed to produce Bitcoin.

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