Blender 3.0 Cycles X, GPUs fly: render times up to 5 times better!

Blender 3.0 Cycles X, GPUs fly: render times up to 5 times better!

Cycles X, the new renderer for Blender 3.0, will drastically improve the user experience of the program, from responsiveness to rendering times. Thanks to extensive work, which made it possible to review the software architecture and integrate numerous optimizations to take advantage of modern CPUs and GPUs, the new version of Blender promises to be a “must” for image professionals.

To prove it the developers have posted on their blog a test in which una NVIDIA RTX A6000, con OptiX it has been tested with both version 2.93 and the new 3.0. As can be seen, the performance improvement is 3 to 5 times, which can only make all users who work with Blender happy.

The creators of the software also have worked with AMD to allow their GPUs to support rendering via the platform HIP, saying addio a OpenCL. Again, as another graph shows, the improvements are substantial. The support initially concerns Windows and the RDNA and RDNA 2 GPUs, or the Radeon RX 5000 and 6000 series, but work has already started on Linux and we are considering expanding the batch of compatible cards.

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HIP allows you to “share the same rendering kernels and functionality with CUDA and OptiX”, while the previous implementation of OpenCL “was always late and had more limitations and bugs,” the developers point out. AMD users can already test HIP with Blender 3.1 Alpha by installing a special driver, as reported in recent days.

Finally, the collaboration with Apple which will lead to API support Metal with version 3.1 of the software. The Cupertino company in mid-October joined the Blender Development Fund as a Patron Member to actively support software development, sending men and vehicles to Blender headquarters so that the program works best on Macs.

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