Blockchain Keystore – the online store by dapp Samsung

Blockchain Keystore - the online store by dapp Samsung

Launched in March 2019, Samsung’s dapp online store, Blockchain Keystore, has grown from four apps to a total of 17. The four original dapps included a wallet, a blockchain game, a social media app, and a billing app… The new dapps added include an assortment of products from the Anpan social media app to The Hunters entertainment app.

Samsung adds 13 new applications in the Blockchain Keystore

Samsung is one of the first large companies to develop crypto products with the launch of the Galaxy S10 smartphone this year. The integrated storage system currently only supports Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens and protocols.

UN: North Korea has raised $ 2 billion through crypto-hacks

A confidential UN report quoted by Reuters claims that cryptocurrency-oriented cyberattacks have helped North Korea raise $ 2 billion to fund its nuclear programs.

“Cyber ​​actors from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, operating under the leadership of the General Reconnaissance Bureau, are raising money for its nuclear programs (weapons of mass destruction), with total revenues to date estimated at up to two billion US dollars,”

is supported in the report.

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Earlier in the year, the UN claimed that North Korean hackers use cryptocurrencies to bypass the economic sanctions imposed on its nuclear and missile programs. So far, the losses incurred by the crypto-exchange exchanges amount to $ 1.39 billion, according to an analysis by The Block.

Mastercard hires specialists for the development of blockchain products

Financial giant Mastercard seems to accelerate its efforts to design its blockchain and crypto products. The company recently posted three hiring announcements for blockchain product management specialists. Apparently, Mastercard is developing a blockchain wallet solution, which can be a competitor with Facebook’s Caliber.

The job offers are for higher level functions – the product manager for the crypto wallet, the product development and innovation director ”and the vice president for managing the blockchain and crypto products.

Facebook is lobbying for Libra

Facebook recently hired Susan Zook to lobby the Libra crypto project.

Zook is currently working at Mason Street Consulting and was previously a Republican Senator Mike Crapo’s (R-Idaho) adviser, chair of the US Senate Banking Committee.

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According to a report published by Politico, Facebook has already spent over $ 7.5 million for lobbying efforts in favor of Libra this year.

Mark Zuckerberg said they expected suspicion from regulators and he was prepared for it. As Facebook enters the financial space, it is understandable that they will face a lot of questions about Libra. Zuckerberg said:

“We try to offer a safe and stable and well regulated product. This was our strategy from the beginning and we will continue to strive to launch Libra. ”

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