BmyGuide takes into account the evolution of people habits

bmyGuide takes into account the evolution of people habits

There are hundreds of travel planning sites and dozens of social networks where tourists can describe their experiences. bmyGuide offers a unique combination between the two areas.

Specifically, the platform created by offers users to interact directly on the subject of travels. Tourists can document travel videos and photos and post reviews. Other users can interact directly with them and at the same time can book trips, accommodation or transport based on posted ratings.

In this way, members of the network can be confident that reviews are real and can benefit from inspiration for their future excursions.

Tourism industry

It’s dominated by sites like Tripadvisor and, but it’s hard to find testimonials of interest. The combination of blockchain technology and social media by bmyGuide offers a unique service based on the peer-to-peer interaction concept.

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The project was developed for 18 months by a team formed mostly by Romanians.

The platform aims to gather all the information necessary to organize a trip in one place. Users can get information directly from those who have visited locations and can reserve the necessary services without leaving the site.


The ecosystem uses the GUIDE token to reward content creators and, at the same time, cryptomoneda can be used to purchase the desired services. In addition, is compatible with existing travel platforms, which is a benefit for users. is an idea that takes into account the evolution of people’s habits: 80% of tourists reserve online trips and 97% of them post photos of the holiday. Most of those who are preparing to travel read reviews before making their decisions.

The new platform combines all these aspects with cryptomone functionality – the GUIDE token can be used as a reward and payment method.
Those interested in testing functionality can do it through the prototype

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Monetize the platform and use the GUIDE token

Through the Api system, bmyGuide includes 300,000 hotel centers, included on sites like,, As an affiliate system, the platform receives 5-12.5% ​​of the fee charged by these aggregators for each rented room.

BmyGuide also has the ability to manage over 100 million official business travel pages. These include museums, recreation areas, bars, restaurants and other places of interest.

All of these official pages can be included on the platform against a fee that will be paid in the Guide Token.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the bmyGuide Marketplace offers. They will be able to purchase travel-related products using the Guide token.


The project is currently running an ICO of the GUIDE token – it can be purchased with Ethereum or Bitcoin.

  • Hard cap US $ 850,000
  • Soft head US $ 100,000
  • Available Tokens – 8,500,000 GUIDE
  • 1 GUIDE = 0.10 $
  • ICO Period – 15.06.2019-15.09.2019
  • Minimum Contribution 100 GUIDE / 0.2 ETH / 0.002 BTC
  • Maximum contribution 150,000 GUIDE / 80 ETH / 2 BTC
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We invite you to test the platform and tell your opinion in the comments section.


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