British TV show offered to win energy bills

MOSCOW, 6 Sep — PRIME. British TV show against the backdrop of rising prices in the country invited the audience to participate in the game, in which one of the prizes is the payment of energy bills, writes the newspaper Independent.

In Britain, they calculated how much the new prime minister will pay for electricity

The spinning wheel of the TV show, which returned on Monday, featured sectors labeled “energy bills” along with cash prizes of £1,000 or more to be won. The hosts claimed that if the caller came up with this particular sector, he would win the payment of electricity bills within four months.

One of the winners called the prize “fantastic” and said it was “a real relief.”

However, as the newspaper notes, viewers were shocked by such prizes in the game. Social media users called this innovation “disappointing” and “dystopian.”

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Earlier, the British energy regulator Ofgem announced an 80% increase in the maximum allowable annual electricity bill for consumers from October 1 due to rising global energy prices. Thus, the maximum amount of the annual bill for the British could increase by 1578 pounds. The previous energy price threshold was £1,971. The next increase in the ceiling on bill payments, effective next January, will be announced on November 24. Energy consultancy Auxilione previously forecast that the UK’s annual energy bill cap would be £5,066 from January and a record £6,552 from April.

After the start of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the West increased sanctions pressure on Russia. The disruption of supply chains has driven up fuel and food prices in Europe and the US. In the UK, the rising cost of living has hit millions of households.

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