browser mining or cheating browser mining or cheating- The Browser-Mining platform is presented on three sites, some contact details are available for communication:

  • Main site:
  • Second site (with viruses):
  • Third site (with viruses):
  • E-mail address:
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There are no other contacts for communication with the authors of Browser Mining. The lack of phones suggests that this looks like a divorce, and the job offer is a hoax.

Read reviews of CryptoTab Browser, an overview of the CryptoTab project, cheating or not. Perhaps you can make money with this project.

BrowserMine browser mining service

BrowserMine is real browser mining. You get money for opening this page of the site. No attachments, no invitations, no ad views, and no assignments. Just leave this page open in the background tab and go about your business while the money drips into your account.

For mining in the browser, you move the slider to the right to increase the power, the more power – the more you will receive cryptocurrencies. The speed is measured in BMH / s (BrowserMineHash per second), every 10 minutes typed BMHs are converted into local BMC cryptocurrency (BrowserMineCoin). You can withdraw money by dialing at least 0.1 BMC.

  • BMH (BrowserMineHash) are crypto hashes that your browser generates.
  • Every 30 minutes, BMH cryptohashes are processed into BMC cryptocurrency.
  • BMC (BrowserMineCoin) is a local cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for US dollars or Russian rubles and withdrawn to QIWI, Yandex.Money, Payeer, AdvCash, VISA or MasterCard. All exchange and withdrawal operations are performed in your personal account.
  • The more powerful your device is, the faster your browser generates BMH.
  • BrowserMine works when this page is open in your browser.
  • For BrowserMine to work, it is not necessary to be on this page, you just need to leave it open in the background tab.
  • BrowserMine operation increases the load on the processor of your device. To reduce the load, you can reduce the speed of calculations (in the upper right corner).
  • BrowserMine works in the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox browsers, including mobile versions.
  • When using BrowserMine on mobile devices, in order to avoid rapid battery drain, it is recommended to connect the device to a constant power source.
  • Some browser plugins (AdBlock, etc.) may block BrowserMine from working. If BMH is not credited at the top of the page, try disabling browser plugins (or changing your browser).
  • If you have several BrowserMine tabs open, BMH generation usually occurs on only one of them.
  • To withdraw earned funds, you need to register and enter your personal account. Funds earned without registering and entering your personal account are credited to the system.


The project looks like a deception in that it guarantees earnings of up to 17,000 rubles a month, but in the small print in the “basement” of the site, the authors disclaim their responsibility to users.

The announced earnings also “hint” at the divorce. For the “mining” of cryptocurrency, a special device is used – ASIK. Its performance is hundreds of times higher than that of a home computer processor.

For example, take the BITMAIN AntMiner S17 (56Th) device. According to the performance check service, the miner will only be able to earn $ 8.7 per day.

Mine browser income check

This suggests that the information on Browser-Mining is like a scam, because the authors of the text promise higher earnings. And for this you do not need to buy a device for 250,000 rubles, it is enough to open the tab, which indicates a possible deception.

Information about the Browser Mine project – interface, features, suggestions

Having studied the browser mining system, having completed the review of the Browser Mine project in as much detail as possible, it turned out to find out the following information about the project and its activities:

  • the site is Russian-language, has a good adaptation for computers and mobile devices;
  • the main offer for users is mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency online, without investments, from a phone or computer;
  • at the top of the mining project page there is a mining window and a mining speed scale (the speed depends on the power of the device itself and the quality of the Internet);
  • mining is performed until the user closes his page;
  • the system invites users to use special applications for additional income;
  • You can withdraw funds from Browser Mine to Qiwi, Payer, Yandex Money wallets, as well as bank cards;
information about Browser Mine
information about Browser Mine
  • the system works in the browsers Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox;
  • the site has the latest news of the project, information about the withdrawal, statistics is collected, an affiliate program is operating;
  • the site has a multiplier option that allows you to increase your income several times.

It is alarming that there is no user agreement, Privacy Policy, rules that would spell out the rights and obligations of system participants and the administration. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.05 Bitcoin, and as real practice shows, it will take a long time to collect it.

People in real reviews about Browser Mine say that when they manage to collect the minimum amount for withdrawal, the profile on the site does not open, the system stops working, although, having opened the same site from another gadget, you can register again and start mining.

Reviews about the site Browser-Mining

“Browser mining”, reviews of which are negative, often changes the virtual address. Therefore, it is difficult to find reports on its activities or reviews.

Those that come across on the Internet say that the site looks like a deception, and earnings are impossible.

Browser mining reviews

There are no positive reviews about browsermine com on the Internet. Project managers don’t buy messages, and there are no rich users.

When looking for reviews about mine browser, most often you come across negative reviews that talk about possible fraud on the part of Browser Mining.

An honest review of earning methods!

Since the interest of Internet users in cryptocurrencies is high, new platforms appear on the network with an enviable frequency, offering to mine digital currency. One of the projects caught our attention – on the platform they offer to use a browser and a special program to receive cryptocurrency, which must be installed on your computer, laptop or tablet. Is it possible to make money on this service – we will describe in this text.

Project site:

The essence of the project: First, we studied the information that is available on the Internet about the project.… We learned that this service was created September 21st last year, and the domain name was registered in an American city Denver… A strange choice from the administrator of a Russian-language service, really in Russia there were no cheap hosting services that you had to rent equipment in America? Or was it done on purpose to avoid contact with users who have problems with this mining platform? Apparently, users also did not appreciate these cunning actions of the creator of the project, because the trust in him is low, it is very low – minus 61 pips.

Despite the fact that the authors of the project wrote on their resource that it is easy and simple to mine cryptocurrency on their service, this way of making money raises a lot of doubts. Yes, there are no attachments here and supposedly you do not need to view ads, but when this miracle program is running, you need to turn it off unblock… It is not clear why, but for sure there is nothing good for users in this. Doubts in this form of obtaining cryptocurrency are caused by the fact that the program that mines the cryptocurrency is blocked by browser applications. Both Opera and Google Chrome define the platform program as malicious and block it, so not everything is clean with this BY.

Get full information on how everything works on the service BrowserMine is not possible and registration is required to obtain data. Only after you register will you find out that you will not be mining a real cryptocurrency, but BMC (BrowserMineCoin)… That is, the admins of this project created their own monetary units, which can then supposedly be exchanged for different cryptocurrencies or money. If you have enough patience, you can withdraw the earned money to different payment systems or to a bank card.

What you can earn: But it is with patience on the platform BrowserMine and problems may arise, since making serious money on this service will be very problematic. The minimum amount of earnings that can be withdrawn from the project is 0.1 BMC, which equals 0.0000219 BTC, which equals $ 0.137… Depending on how powerful the device you use (PC, laptop or tablet), you will be able to earn a minimum wage for withdrawal from 4 months to two to three years… And all this time you have to mine local cryptocurrency BMC… That is, the equipment must be turned on, the browser must be running, and you need to pay your electricity bills.

Turns out that this type of earnings does not make sense, since you will earn a penny, but spend a lot of time and money. There is a debate on the Internet about what is the point of creating a platform from its authors. Some write that with the help of the installed program, its owners are trying to find out user data. And some write that the administrators of this service, due to the connection of a large number of computers and laptops, attract a fairly large amount of cryptocurrency. That’s just the users who have installed this program, deduct meager percentages. This idea makes sense and apparently the owners of the resource are doing just that.

Means, BrowserMine project designed for beginners on the Internet who do not understand that cryptocurrency mining is possible only if you have very powerful equipment. By connecting your PCs and laptops to this platform, they work for the admins of this site, and those from time to time throw off a little digital money from the master’s shoulder.

Output: Project does not allow you to earn a normal amount mining cryptocurrency. We do not recommend tspend your time on this divorce. does not recommend this product. Take care of yourself and your money …

Earnings on browsermine

First, I will repeat what they write on the browsermine website itself:

  • BMH (BrowserMineHash) are crypto hashes that your browser generates.
  • Every 30 minutes (in fact, 5-10 minutes) there is an exchange for BMC currency
  • BMC stands for BrowserMineCoin. It can be exchanged for any other currency.
  • Mining speed depends directly on the performance of your processor.
  • All your work is about keeping the tab open.
  • You can mine from a computer and from other devices (as an add-on)
  • You can send your friends and acquaintances a mini-miner that will work for you (if, of course, they agree to help you).
  • You can also install the miner on your website (by the way, we did not do this).
  • Plus, there is an 8% affiliate program.

In fact, these are pretty good buns for mining. There are many possibilities. In contrast, only one drawback is the load on the CPU, but mining is based precisely on the load of computer power.

BMC price varies depending on the exchange rate of other currencies. By the way, this currency has nothing to do with the currency that exists on the market, the service has its own currency and it works according to its own (only known to them) algorithms:

Its cost is much lower. But the internal currency of the browser is completely different: