Can WhatsApp get banned for deleting messages after hours, days?

Can WhatsApp get banned for deleting messages after hours, days?
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The purpose of this article is to reassure people who have used the tricks we have shared to delete WhatsApp messages, circumventing the seven minute limit (currently 68 minutes) to delete messages for everyone after that time, and even hours or days after. Also to inform all the media that have echoed this news.

A few hours ago, WABetaInfo, the best source for WhatsApp news, set off the alarms with a tweet. He advised not to extend this time limit with modifications, because WhatsApp could ban you or delete your account:

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We have spoken with this important source of information to clarify this matter. What has been concluded is that there should be no problem if you use the tricks that we mentioned.

Cheats are NOT “MODS”

The WABetaInfo tweet captured in the first image clearly says so. Suggest not to extend the 7-minute limitation through MODIFICATIONS (GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus perhaps?). The two tricks that we released DO NOT MODIFY WhatsApp in any way. It is the WhatsApp application that works like this, due to glitches. In any case, if there must be a culprit here, that is WhatsApp.

Indeed, the terms and conditions of WhatsApp do not allow the use of third-party tools for the purpose of modifying the app or its operation. But again, the tricks do not modify the application, much less use third-party tools. It uses the same original WhatsApp app.

That they block your WhatsApp account for using the tricks would be absurd

If we think about it well, it is ABSURD that by keeping the WhatsApp delete dialog open, it can ban your account. You can leave it open by accident, and not with the aim of circumventing the 7 minute limit to delete messages.

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Changing the system date could not be a justification for WhatsApp to block your account either. You are not acting on the application, but on your phone.

The two tricks that we discovered only take advantage of the possibilities that WhatsApp allows. Who can be held responsible? To the company that ignored them in the application code, or to us who are using them? In fact, all this could be considered an aid to WhatsApp in detecting the flaws so that it corrects them.

Obviously, you would not have to fear seeing the messages deleted by the other person, something that does not go against the terms and conditions of WhatsApp either.

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