Cheeze Wizards and Satoshi’s Treasure announced a hackathon

Cheeze Wizards and Satoshi's Treasure announced a hackathon

Two of the popular crypto games, Cheeze Wizards and Satoshi’s Treasure, announced a hackathon with significant prizes. The winners of the contest will receive prizes of over $ 15,000, a limited edition Cheeze Wizards game and a hint for Satoshi’s Treasure.

Following the popularity of Satoshi’s Treasure, a puzzle game based on Bitcoin, a version based on the Tezos blockchain has also been released.

Cheeze Wizards

Tezos Adventure is implemented in partnership with the Tezos Foundation and is a large multiplayer game. Participants can solve difficult puzzles and technical problems for the benefit of the Tezos community. They will be rewarded with 1 million XTZ tokens. The system is different from the previous version in that it is built on a set of smart contracts. Rewards are granted immediately, while the Bitcoin version requires players to complete the campaign to receive the prize.

Satoshi’s Treasure players have built numerous software and software for solving puzzles and storing keys. The Tezos Foundation relies on the fact that participants will create a lot of new tools to facilitate interaction with smart contracts on the blockchain.

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Those interested can register until September 1, and the first stage will start on September 10 and will offer a prize of 5000 XTZ. This will be a mini-campaign until the smart contracts of the full version are audited.

Details on Cheeze Wizards can be found on the official website.

Satoshi’s Treasure

Satoshi’s Treasure, the award-winning scavenger hunt game worth $ 1 million in bitcoin, has released the last two clues, The Ladder Key and The Q&A Key. So far 33 indications have been released and the chase after the big prize is accelerating.

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