Chinese memory chips on the starting line, the challenge to the United States is launched

Chinese memory chips on the starting line, the challenge to the United States is launched

China wants to challenge the United States also in the production of hardware and for this reason it has been working for some years to make the internal industry of DRAM chip.

In recent days ChangXin Memory Technologies, one of the top three Chinese DRAM producers, has announced that it has started production of the volumes of proprietary DRAM chips.

The Chinese government has invested billions of dollars in the internal memory industry with the aim of reducing dependence on imports.

The road is now all uphill, the gap to be filled to compete with the big names in the sector such as Samsung, SK Hynix or Micron is certainly not reduced.

Just think that together these three producers, in the second quarter of the year, collected 94.9% (respectively 45.7% Samsung, 28.7% SK Hynix and 20.5% Micron) of the shares of the DRAM market global.

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ChangXin Memory Technologies, not to disappoint Beijing's expectations, he has invested $ 21.1 billion in the DRAM project in addition to the $ 2.5 billion injected into research and development.

ChangXin estimate of produce up to 120,000 wafers per month during the initial phase, with the expectation of delivering them by the end of the year.

From an engineering point of view, there is still much to be recovered: the ChangXin Memory Technologies DRAM chip will almost certainly be based on the production process at 18 nm, while competitors have already switched to 16 is 12 nm.

As for the project, rumors are circulating that the design of the ChangXin Memory Technologies DRAM took inspiration from Qimonda's technology, albeit with several modifications precisely to reduce the influence of US technology.

Precisely because of this addiction, Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit, one of ChangXin Memory Technologies partners, it had to cease production due to the U.S. trade blockade which prevented the Chinese factory from purchasing US components.

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However, the entry of ChangXin Memory Technologies onto the market remains something to look at with interest because it could change the market balance. If the company is able to bridge the technological gap and increase its production then we could see DRAM prices go down even more in a few years..