Co-owner of the Polish Exchange Bitmarket Found Dead in the Forest

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On July 25, Tobiasz Niemiro, co-owner of the Bitmarket cryptocurrency exchange, which was closed under mysterious circumstances, was found dead in Poland in a forest near the city of Olsztyn.

<pre>Co-owner of the Polish exchange Bitmarket found dead in the forest

The police are investigating, but the final circumstances of the death have not yet been confirmed. It is only known that Nemiro was wounded in the head from a firearm.

A large Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza suggested that Nemiro could commit suicide, but friends of the deceased stated that this version was untenable.

Polish businessman Adam Socha (Adam Socha) told
on his blog that a few hours before his death, Nemiro sent him an email.

“Nemiro sent me a rather long letter in which he told me that he was surrounded by questionable people. He named them, but I will not disclose this information as the investigation is underway. He also wrote that he would provide certain information, but did not have time, ”wrote Socha.

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Bitmarket cryptocurrency exchange closed on July 8, citing the “loss of liquidity.” According to the Gazeta Wyborcza publication, more than 400 investors said they could not withdraw about 2,300 BTC from the platform (about $ 23 million).

After the closure of the stock exchange, Nemiro and his partner Marcin Askelovich (Marcin Aszkiełowicz) made a statement in which they rejected any accusations of embezzling client funds.

In an interview
for the Polish site, Nemiro said that he did not participate in asset management processes at the exchange and was himself among the victims.

“I am the same victim as the others, because I lost everything that I worked on all my life. Someone made the collapse of the exchange and now I lose my name and reputation, which have been earned for a very long time, ”said Nemiro.

Bitmarket was founded in 2014 by Michal Pleban and subsequently sold to Nemiro and Ashkelovich a year later. Immediately after the purchase, the new Bitmarket owners stated that due to the “managerial mistakes” of the previous management, there was a deficit of about 600 BTC on the exchange. However, this did not prevent the exchange from becoming the second largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Poland.

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In January 2015, the exchange temporarily suspended work. According to the official version, the reason was the debt to the bank. However, Pleban said that this was not the case and the real reason was a fraudulent transaction. In addition, he said that the statement made by Nemiro and Ashkelovich after the transaction on Bitmarket is false.

“The shortage of bitcoins was due to the fact that Nemiro and Ashkelovich could not fully cover the amount of the transaction and agreed to write off bitcoins from her wallets,” said Pleban.

Most likely the partners were hoping that they would be able to compensate for the missing bitcoins, but because of the rapid growth of the price they were in a very difficult position.

Now law enforcement officers are studying the materials they have and establish ways to transfer funds from the stock exchange’s wallets. Based on inquiries from former Bitmarket users, a criminal case was initiated on Nemiro and Ashkelovich and pre-trial proceedings were initiated, under which, under Polish law, the prosecution can freeze relevant bank accounts and seize assets.

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