Colorful and Nvidia open the gates to the world’s first graphics card museum

The hardware manufacturer Colorful in collaboration with Nvidia today opens the gates for the world’s first graphics card museum. Named The GPU History Museum, located in Shenzhen, China, it’s filled to the brim with graphics cards of all kinds.

The main attraction is an exhibition about the history of the graphics card and how technology has developed, starting in the 1980s until the year 2021. Visitors have the opportunity to look at several of the products that have been important milestones over the years, including 3Dfx’s Voodoo models and Nvidia’s first Geforce Circuit, Geforce 256.

In a first sneak peek, rows upon rows of graphics cards hang along the walls and in stands. The headlight shines a little extra on Colorful, with a section dedicated to the company’s history, but the pictures show copies from several different manufacturers. The exhibition will include rare models such as ATI’s Rage Fury Maxx, also known as “Dawn Goddess”.

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In addition to graphics cards, the museum has an exhibition dedicated to China’s e-sports history, an advanced racing simulator and a lavish virtual reality (VR) section where visitors can try out VR games. The GPU History Museum has not opened to the public yet, but soon visitors can sign up to take a first look.

Would you like to visit a hardware museum? What would you most like to see?