Colorful shows us its DDR5 memories with ARGB –

Now the news about models of DDR5 memories, but today we want to focus on how Colorful shows us its DDR5 memories with ARGB.

Today we bring you fantastic news for rgb lovers, and it is that Colorful shows us its DDR5 memories with ARGB in its new V-Color models. This model will be released in a 16GB kit with factory activated OC.

The DDR5 Colorful V-Color will have a speed of 6333 MT / s transfer, which is beyond the specifications of JEDEC of 4800. Interestingly, the memory will have a voltage of 1.1.

On the other hand, remind you that the new DDR5 memories will have profiles of overclocking Intel XMP 3.0as well as integrated PMIC voltage control. Both of these features will have a direct impact on the memory’s overclocking ability.

As we have explained in other news, different brands already have their own DDR5 modules in their possession, about to be launched at the same time as the new Intel Alder Lake microprocessors, which will be announced on October 28.

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Very possibly they can be reserved that same day, since retailers will not be able to send them until November 4, which is the official launch date, but as expected, much before they will be in the hands of people who will surely facilitate the first reviews Alder Lake with DDR5 memories to see what its real performance is.