Comparison of AMD EPYC Rome and Intel Cascade Lake-AP performance in Cinebench R15

A certain Dang Wang revealed on Facebook two photos from the Cinebench R15 benchmark, in which its cores are supported by the most powerful server processors from Intel and AMD. Early versions of the 64-core AMD Epyc Rome and 48-core Intel Cascade Lake Advanced Performance foreshadow a huge fight between the two manufacturers.

Two platforms took part in the test, which offer the possibility of connecting two processors on one motherboard. It was also decided to pack two processors in both the AMD and Intel systems, which, admittedly, had a presentation, but not the exact release date. The AMD configuration did better with its 128 cores and 256 threads, whose base clock reached 1.8 GHz. She managed to complete the test in less than five seconds, scoring 12861 points, which is not so impressive compared to the Intel chip. All because the platform The blue ones it offered 32 cores and 64 threads less (96 cores and 192 threads), but still obtained a similar result, because 12482 points. The clock speed probably did its job, because the difference of 700 MHz (1.8 GHz vs 2.5 GHz) is not the smallest.

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However, this comparison does not show the real performance of both systems in a double configuration. All because these are engineering samples that have probably undergone solid changes (mainly in timing) so far, hence the lack of information about clocks in boost mode. However, this does give some insight into what these monsters intended for the server market will offer in the future.

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Source: Wccftech