A conference dedicated to entrepreneurship and technology

Conference dedicated to entrepreneurship and technology

On September 27, the Online Marketing community in Romania meets at Hotel Cișmigiu to learn about emerging trends in Online Marketing, share knowledge and create new business links.

Just over a week left until DigiCon ’19, the conference dedicated exclusively to online promotion, entrepreneurship and technology, which will explore in detail topics such as Modern Marketing & Lead Generation Strategies, Disruptive Technologies, Social Media Marketing or Influencer Marketing.

During a day full of information and networking opportunities, speakers – recognized as leaders in specific fields – will guide you through the secrets of modern advertising, help you apply technology in your business, and help identify accelerated growth opportunities. of the business.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to organize such an important event for the Marketing industry in Romania. It will be a truly special day, as shared information can be applied not only in the B2B context, but also in B2C. We expect participants from the management & marketing teams of both internationally renowned companies, as well as from reputable online start-ups or stores, and because tickets cannot be bought, the competition on the seats is high. We are very looking forward to meeting on September 27th, and we believe it will be a truly unique event in Romania ”

Andrei Tiu, Marketiu CEO and organizer of DigiCon ’19.

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To apply for your free ticket, visit the official website.

About DigiCon ’19 topics

Growth Hacking is a strategy that is still not so popular in Romania, but with which the organizers are especially familiar with the prism of the Marketiu office in the UK, so it could not be missed as a topic of the conference.

Andrei Tiu, founder of the digital marketing agency Marketiu, is organizing the conference about integrating new technologies into modern marketing strategies, about emerging trends and the opportunities that brands can take to accelerate their growth in the current market context. With over 10 years of international experience in the industry, Andrei is an ambassador of monetizing marketing efforts, adopting new technologies and growing hacking.

Also, about the opportunities that modern technologies open to business in order to innovate Marketing processes, Vlad Andriescu, chief editor of start-up.ro will also discuss. Because Vlad follows the ecosystem of Romanian start-ups and contributes to the relationship between Romanian entrepreneurs and investors, he will also be responsible for exploring some of the trends identified among the new Romanian start-ups, along with a number of business leaders present. during the conference.

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As blockchain is a word that appears more and more often in the current market context, the organizers of DigiCon have also chosen to approach this topic with the help of Stefan Gergely – he is the founder of Aurus.io, a company that develops a cryptocurrency that is fully supported by deposits. physical gold. In addition, Stefan is a partner in the Under Development Office – one of the first software companies in Europe to offer business solutions using blockchain technology. At DigiCon, Stefan will talk about disruptive technologies and how they can influence the Marketing & Advertising industry in the near future.

Along with the speakers above, two important industry names will be announced by the day of the conference.

This is an exclusive event, and to fulfill the promise of value and
to present high quality information unaltered to the participants, the cost of the tickets is
covered by Digital Marketing Agency and its partners. Thus, it is eliminated
the financial dependence existing in the general context of the organization of conferences and se
maintains the focus on the high quality of the content, as well as the practicality of the information provided.

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Throughout the day, participants will have not only numerous learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities, but also networking and new business relationships. Photosetup partners will help immortalize key video moments and live streaming online of certain conference events, while the Mojo club will host the afterparty with Marketiu and Liliac Wines, where participants are invited to socialize further and discuss. the topics and information discussed at the conference in a relaxed environment, with British influences.

The organizers will invite you to Afterparty at the Mojo club, which this month celebrates 10 years since its inception.

Apply for your free ticket here.

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