Control your apps without touching the screen

Control your apps without touching the screen – Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

With AutoInput it is possible to automate repetitive actions within applications and partially control them without touching the screen. It is even possible to control them with gestures and even to program the physical buttons so that they perform specific actions within the apps.

For example, the user can have the Facebook application automatically touch and open the message screen, or automatically press the button when opening the music application. play and play the music. Gesture control and button reprogramming can allow you to set gestures in the music application to change tracks, or use the volume button to take a photo when in the camera application.

How to use AutoInput

AutoInput (AutoInput en Google Play) by itself does nothing. Works in conjunction with the Tasker app (, so you need to install both before anything else. Then you have to activate AutoInput as an Accessibility service, from the Android Settings, option Accessibility. Finally, you have to activate the full version of AutoInput from the application itself (Enable Trial).

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You must first understand how Tasker works to understand AutoInput. Tasker is an automation application that works under the concept of condition > homework. This means that when a condition predicted by the user is met on the Android device, Tasker runs the scheduled task. Tasker offers a lot of tools to create automations on Android, but it is not capable of automatically doing things that the user does manually, such as touching buttons within apps, for example. That’s where AutoInput comes in.

With Tasker and AutoInput you can do something like the example from the beginning: if I open the Facebook application (condition), the Messages button is automatically touched (task), a task that should be performed by AutoInput.

Creating the task:

– Open Tasker and tap on the block Chores on top.

– At the bottom touch on the button + to add a new task, give it the name of FB messages, and on the next screen choose Plugin > AutoInput.

– A small box will be displayed. Touch on Action > Setting > Easy Setup.

– From here the application will guide the user. It will generate notifications in the status bar indicating what to do. Basically, it all consists of going to the Facebook application, tapping on “Add” in the AutoInput notification, and then long-pressing on the Facebook messages button. Finally, in the AutoInput notification, touch on «Accept».

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autoinput automation apps choose button

– Then you have to return to the Tasker application, touch on “Element Id:”. Finally touch on «Click».

autoinput automate applications save config

– The changes are saved with the approval at the top and returns to the Tasker initial screen.

Creating the profile:

On the Tasker home screen, tap Profiles, create a new profile with the + on the bottom. Choose App and then select the Facebook application. Finally, in the box that will appear select the option FB messages, which is the name given to the previously created task.

autoinput automation apps full profile

Now, opening Facebook immediately and automatically will open the message screen.

Autoinput can do more than just clicks
This is a simple example of how to automate repetitive actions within applications. As you can see in the images above, AutoInput is not only limited to one tap but can also long tap, select, cut and paste text, do focus and scroll up and down.

As indicated at the beginning, AutoInput also allows you to program gestures within the applications, to change the music with a swipe to the left or right for example. For this, it is necessary to activate the AutoInput Gestures mode and then create the profile in Tasker, where AutoInput must go as a condition. You have to do a similar process to program the action of the physical buttons of the phone within an application. In this page there is a step by step tutorial on this.

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AutoInput is a paid application that offers its full functions free for a period of 7 days. After that time you have to buy the app to use it. Like AutoVoice, AutoInput is another creation of the developer “joaomgdc” ( Remember that both do nothing without the Tasker application.