Cool Master MasterAir 612 Stealth put to the test – attack from the dark side of the force

Cool Master MasterAir 612 Stealth put to the test – attack from the dark side of the force

With the newest members in the popular MasterAir series, Cooler Master would like to offer a cooler for elegant systems, which should also impress with its high cooling performance. You can find out whether the project was a success in the following review:

Packaging and scope of delivery

The exterior fits in with the manufacturer’s already known design, and of course the large black areas fit particularly well here.
The classic product image on the front is supplemented by an exploded view with brief descriptions on the back, the pages with the typical purple then provide information about the technical specifications.

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So that the cooler arrives safely in one piece, it is protected with two plastic shells. In the box is a separate box for the accessories, instructions and warranty information.

The accessory box then unnecessarily bags everything again, which could have been saved. Apart from the 4-pin PWM Y-cable and thermal paste, only various small parts are included for assembly.

Assembly and installation

For this cooler, too, one relies on its own backplate for Intel and AMD sockets. Four small threads are fixed in the backplate with plastic clips and pushed through the mainboard from behind. The spacers are then screwed onto the front, which in turn get the two brackets placed and screwed tight. Fortunately, Cooler Master shows us the process again in video form:

Even if the installation has been simplified a little compared to the Hyper 212 Black Edition, other manufacturers can manage the whole thing with fewer small parts.

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Here is an overview of the technical details, for everything else it is worth taking a look at the newly designed manufacturer’s website.

Cooler Master MasterAir MA612 Stealth (MAP-T6PS-218PK-R1)

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