Cooler Master GM27-CF and GM34-CW, new curved gaming monitors

Why Curved Computer Monitors Are Be...
Why Curved Computer Monitors Are Better for Gaming

In recent times we have seen many manufacturers who have decided to enter the gaming monitor market, hardware manufacturers that had little or nothing to do with this industry but have been able to get in, and not with little success. We will see if the case of Cooler Master is this or not, but as for the 34-inch monitor it must be said that it is a much riskier bet of what was that of other manufacturers, who only entered with 24 and 27 inch models and with flat, non-curved screens.

Cooler Master GM27-CF, 27 inches and Full HD

The first monitor that has presented the brand at CES is the GM27-CF, with a simple design and features that has a diagonal of 27 inches with Full HD resolution, and that has a soft drink rate of almost normal 165 Hz with a response time of 3 ms GtG. By the way, its curvature is 1500R, and it is compatible with AMD technology FreeSync.

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The matrix of this screen is LED-VA, and therefore has a contrast ratio of 3000 to 1 with a coverage of 90% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and 125% of the sRGB spectrum, and with a maximum brightness of 300 nits Its base allows adjusting the screen in height, inclination and rotation, and will have purple lighting.

This monitor will certainly not revolutionize the market, but it is oriented to the mid-range and they hope to attract the attention of many users thanks to its high refresh rate. They have not said when it will arrive at the stores, but they have said that its recommended price will be $ 299.

GM34-CW, the big bet for the gaming market

Ultra Wide monitors are increasingly on the agenda in the gaming market, and aware of this, Cooler Master has also presented this new screen that is your riskiest bet for your great entry into this market.

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The Cooler Master GM34-CW has a diagonal of 34 inches with VA panel, UQWHD resolution (3440 x 1440 pixels), 144 Hz refresh rate compatible with AMD FreeSync 2 and 1 ms response time. With these features, it certainly points out ways to be an excellent gaming monitor, but it also has certification HDR 400 covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum and 125% of the sRGB (thanks to technology Quantum Dot). To finish with its characteristics, it should be mentioned that its contrast ratio is 3000 to 1 and its maximum brightness is 400 nits.

In addition, according to the technical data of the monitor, it has support for HDR10 with FreeSync, which means it would be compatible with the new certification FreeSync Premium Pro, although this is only theory at the moment since this standard is recent. By the way, they have not said if it will be G-Sync compatible, or when it will reach the market, but just as with the previous model they have given their recommended price: $ 750.

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