Cooler Master MasterAir G200P in the test – Big name and small cooler for tiny housings

Cooler Master MasterAir G200P in the test – Big name and small cooler for tiny housings

Most recently I had the new powerhouses from Cooler Master with almost gigantic dimensions in the test, today the exact opposite. You can find out in the following article whether a cooler with a total height of just 39mm is sufficient for a modern mid-range CPU.

Packaging and scope of delivery

As far as the cardboard design is concerned, the combination of black and purple known to the manufacturer remains, just rather compact. Nevertheless, the product image on the front should of course not be missing, the feature texts on the back are also indispensable.

Incidentally, specifications and dimensions have also been squeezed onto the back, the sides are only adorned with the product name – several times. The cooler is well packed, however, due to the plastic casing, the usual wounds from transport should not penetrate to the sensitive cooling fins.

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The accessories consist of the small parts and brackets already known from other CM air coolers. In addition, there is a tube of thermal paste and an RGB controller with Molex connector.

I would have preferred to see a SATA connection here, as Molex requires an extra cable for many modular power supplies. Of course, most mainboards nowadays have a suitable RGB connection anyway.

Assembly and installation

Almost identical accessories to the other coolers from this manufacturer suggest the notorious installation method with its own backplate and some fiddling. And that’s exactly how it happens, four small threads are fixed in the backplate with plastic clips and pushed through the mainboard from behind. The spacers are then screwed onto the front, which in turn get the two brackets placed and screwed tight.

Depending on the mainboard, difficulties can arise here, as the picture here shows. The holder of the VRM cooler collides with the backplate on my ITX board. The ATX board in my test system, also from MSI, did not have this problem. In the end, all that remains is to trim the little Intel arms. I don’t know whether Cooler Master or MSI should be blamed here.

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Here is the well-known overview of the technical details, for the curious there is still some additional information and pictures on the product page.

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