Copper foil shortage could drive up motherboard and GPU prices

The shortage of silicon for the manufacture of chips is not the only problem that is affecting the computer industry, since as we reported a few weeks ago, other materials such as copper, lithium, and aluminum had large increases in their price , which obviously increases the manufacturing costs of the different products. On this occasion, the material that has risen again is copper, particularly the copper available in sheets required for the manufacture of the PCBs used for motherboards, GPUs, ram, and practically all electronic components.

The report comes from Digitimes and indicates that the suppliers of this material are increasing their prices due to lack of availability, and this is putting pressure on manufacturers who can no longer absorb increases in manufacturing costs, being forced to increase the prices of their products.

According to information accessed by this medium, copper had an increase of 35% since the last quarter of 2020, and although copper is only a small part of the cost of manufacturing components such as motherboards and GPUs, this increase of 35% % begins to make it noticeable in the total cost of the product, leading to imminent increases in the prices of these components, which are already extremely more expensive than the prices that were handled a year ago.

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Along with this increase in copper there are also increases in other components, so it should not surprise us to see increases of around 5% or even 10% in the coming months, so if you want to update your hardware, we recommend doing it as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on the situation, so stay tuned to HD Tecnología.

What do you think about this increase in the prices of the copper sheets used to make PCBs for GPUS, motherboards, RAM memories, fonts, and more? Do you think we will see notable increases because of it?

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