DDR4 RAM rises 20% in price, and will continue to rise

Due to the epidemic situation, The global economic environment is not good and the demand for smartphones and computers is declining, but the memory market is still big business and demand increased in April.

The thing is that with all this the DDR4 RAM is up 20% its price, and from what sources report, will continue to rise.

This year's epidemic has spurred demand for remote office and learning products, so sales of servers, laptops, tablets, and network devices have continued to rise, and with all of this the demand for memory has also increased. 16GB memory kits for laptops has started to catch on, and servers often have 128GB of memory or more, all of which have directly fueled the prosperity of the memory market.

RAM prices are expected to remain high during the second quarter of the year. Currently, demand is significantly above the manufacturers' production rate, which is why we are likely to experience high prices even in the third quarter.

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It is possible that we will experience a slight decrease in prices during the third quarter, when perhaps with luck the majority of the economy will return to normal, but what is clear is that during this year they will not return to the previous price and high prices will be maintained.

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