DDR5-7000 modules already in testing. G.Skill leads the market

DDR5-7000 modules already in testing.  G.Skill leads the market

G.Skill currently has the most efficient next-generation memory models on the Intel XMP 3.0 list. I am talking about DDR5-6666 with CL40 delays, but the manufacturer has already boasted that it has DDR5-7000 modules up its sleeve.

G.Skill has confirmed its DDR5-7000 Trident Z5 modules

G.Skill announced that he has just created and tested for stability in the irreplaceable Memtest, DDR5-7000 CL40-40-40-76 modules with a capacity of 32 GB as part of a 2 × 16 GB set. This is the level that in the case of DDR4 was achieved mainly with the use of liquid nitrogen and at high voltage, and here you are – apparently still a heat sink and good memory chips (from Samsung) are enough to reach the level of 7000 MT / s.

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We see tremendous DDR5 overclocking potential with the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors and motherboards with the Intel Z690 chipset. The DDR5-7000 is an amazing milestone for us and we will continue to work with our industry partners to develop ever faster DDR5 memory for the PC enthusiast and overclocker

Said Tequila Huang, vice president of G.SKILL International.

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The above screenshot confirms that the new level of module performance within the Trident Z5 family is indeed already achievable, but unfortunately does not reveal the exact voltage level. As a result, the mention of the Quad-Channel configuration is immediately noticeable, which, thanks to the change in the DDR design, requires only two, not four modules.