Deal Your Crypto – The cryptocurrency shopping platform

Deal Your Crypto - The cryptocurrency shopping platform

Mihnea Ioniță together with Popa Nicolae Adrian have developed a new web application, meant to offer another purpose to digital currencies. The development time was 8 months, the site being put into operation in mid-July 2019. At present it is a unique project in Romania, with only one international competitor – OpenBazaar. Compared to this, Deal Your Crypto offers the same functionality for a web application, which does not require download, with extra extras: promotion, analytics etc.

The trading system used is in the form of deposits and withdrawals.

“Because transactions with cryptocurrencies are irreversible, we have opted to use this type of system, which allows us to make the transfer between users’ funds much easier and safer. The currently accepted deposits are in Bitcoin for direct deposits and through CoinSwitch for any other cryptocurrency that will be converted at the best exchange rate in Bitcoin. In the future we intend to offer direct deposits for all digital currencies listed on the exchanges, but there is still much work to be made for such an option ”,

explains Mihnea Ioniță.

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Deal Your Crypto – How Does It Work?

If a user wants to buy one or more products, the process is very simple:

  • Add the desired products to your shopping cart;
  • Create a new account or log in to an existing one;
  • Make a deposit depending on how much you want to spend;
  • The check-out process continues.

Sellers receive notification and send purchased products or services.

For anyone who wants to list a product or service on the platform, the process is even simpler. Register a new account, go to the “New offer” page in the menu, fill in the fields with all the necessary information and list the product or service offered on the marketplace.

The listing of products or services is free. Also, there is no product limit that a user can upload, and the commission charged per transaction is zero. What you can buy, instead, is to promote the listed offers, by purchasing tokens, as well as subscription on the site, which offers more benefits, such as analytics, free promotion tokens, etc.

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How the adventure began

“I was watching OLX one day, looking for some games. Then I noticed that there were ads that said they were accepting Bitcoin or other digital currencies, such as Litecoin or Ethereum. I didn’t know, at that time, what cryptocurrencies are, so I started searching the internet for more about them. I was impressed by what I discovered and it all turned into a passion. After some time, I found that there is no online platform dedicated exclusively to shopping with cryptocurrencies. I realized it was an opportunity and I created the Deal Your Crypto marketplace ”,

tells Mihnea Ioniță.

He shared the idea with his college colleague, Adrian Popa. They got on the job. They began to sketch the site and identify how the technical part could be realized.

“All the free time we spent working on the platform. But Mihnea and I were employees too, and I went to college. After a month, we realized that if we want to do something serious, the two to three hours allocated daily to this project are insufficient ”,

also tells Adrian Popa.

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We congratulate them on the initiative and wish them much success. We invite you to test the Deal Your Crypto platform and tell us your opinion.

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