Decentralized Finance (DeFi) crosses the billion dollar mark

Top 5 Defi Cryptocurrency To Buy Now
Top 5 Defi Cryptocurrency To Buy Now

The total value engaged in the Decentralized Finance recently exceeded billion dollars. Maker, Synthetix and Compound are the 3 projects Challenge who have mobilized the most funds so far.

The Decentralized Finance or DeFi (for Decentralized Finance) refers to decentralized applications and smart contracts dedicated to finances and built on the blockchain (usually on Ethereum).

According to, the value involved in Challenge exceeded the billion dollars last week. However, it has since declined slightly. Today, $ 989.5 million are currently "engaged" with a very strong dominance of the protocol Maker ($ 600 million).

Credit: DefiPulse

Protocols Challenge analyzed by DeFiPulse group together loan services (Marker, Compound…), payment (Lightning Network, xDai…), xs (Kyber, Bancor…) or even derivatives (Synthetix, Augur…).

The milestone of $ 1 billion would have been achieved in particular thanks to the recent rise in the price ofether (ETH).

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