Definitive Edition adds to the civilization of Mexico

Xbox has announced that the Age of Empires III: Definitive EditionAfter just over half a year on the market, you will receive a new DLC that will add the civilization of Mexico from next December 1 at the modest price of 4,99 euros, although we assume that users with the Game Pass PC / Ultimate will see how it is included for free.

Unlike any other civilization in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, burgeoning Mexican states can opt for Revolt rather than advance to the Fortress, Industrial, or Imperial age. Each Revolt offers you a whole new deck full of opportunities. In addition, Mexico has the unique opportunity to reverse its revolts and return to normalcy, while still having access to the benefits of the cards won during the revolution. Add a new set of federal states to evolve your game. The civilization of Mexico can adapt to any strategic situation like no other.

New historical battles

If you are a fan of the historical battles of Age III DE, you will receive a new exclusive scenario of the DLC of the civilization of Mexico:

“Pain scream”- As the Bourbon reforms gave the Spanish elite more power and diminished that of the church, resentment grew among the rural Mexican population. When the news of the conquest of Spain by Napoleon Bonaparte reached America, the words of a Catholic priest ignited the sparks of the revolution..

However, that is not the only historic battle to come. The histories of Mexico and the United States are deeply intertwined, marked by many battles. On December 1, all owners of the previously released US Civilization DLC will receive the historic battle “The Burning of USS Philadelphia” for free (even if they don’t own the Mexico DLC).

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