“Delete” from Facebook history of pages you saw, apps you used

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Delete messages on TikTok

“Delete” from Facebook history of pages you saw, apps you used
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Facebook is tracking your activity even when you are not on Facebook. It can know the websites you visit, the applications you open, the searches you do on them, items that you are interested in buying or shopping, the ads you see, among other things.

Those applications and websites that you use send information to Facebook, for example through elements integrated in them, such as the “Like” button or the Facebook login, even if you don’t use these elements or even even if you don’t have a Facebook account, according to your data policy.

Facebook uses this information to personalize your content in the news section, show you the advertising you see in its applications, suggest groups, events, topics, etc. This customization can have an impact even “outside of your products” something that I do not understand exactly what it means.

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Fortunately, you can unlink all this information from your account, in case you don’t like how Facebook is customizing the content or suggestions that you see in its applications. To do this you must go to your account settings, Activity outside of Facebook, or just going straight to this link.

There use the option Unlink history so that everything you’ve done outside of Facebook to date isn’t used for the recommendations you see. And to “block” the linking of your future activity with Facebook, tap on “More options” and then on “Manage future activity”.

Note that Facebook talks about “unlinking” your information, not deleting it, unfortunately.

There is activity outside of Facebook that is not used by the company because it violates its policies. It is likely that if you visit sites with content censored by Facebook, such as nudity, sexual activity or services, violence and graphic content or hate speech, they are probably activities automatically blocked and not used for recommendations on their services.

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