DELL 1400W DPS-1200MB A: Hashrate | Specs | CPU performance

SERVER POWER SUPPLY DELL 1400W DPS-1200MB A: Hashrate | Specs | CPU performance.

It is difficult to find a person in our time who has not heard about the mining of electronic money. Cryptocurrency mining requires not only broad knowledge, but also the appropriate equipment. One of the key components of a GPU farm or ASIC miner is the power supply.


In this review, we will look at the DELL DPS-1200MB A 1400W device. This power supply device is well suited for both ASICs and mining complexes consisting of several video cards. In the process of operation, this unit can successfully support the functioning of 6-7 video cards of the “Radeon” RX 470-480 class. The configuration of the device is provided for the needs of each individual client.

Consider the technical parameters of the DELL DPS-1200MB A 1400W power supply. The input voltage at which the device operates is 200 to 277 volts. The dimensions of the device – 250x90x40 mm – indicate that bulkiness is not included in the “minuses” of this unit. The efficiency of the device is 80PLUS PLATINUM 94.33%.

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It is not for nothing that the power supply belongs to the “Platinum” category – the quality of its work will delight the buyer. In the event of a malfunction, the device is subject to warranty service for 12 months.

Please note that buying a bare power supply means purchasing without a warranty on it.

Hashrate: Characteristics of the DELL DPS-1200MB A 1400W:

  • Input voltage: 200-277V ~ / 9A 50-60Hz
  • Outgoing voltage: + 12V – 114.17A MAX (1400w)
  • Power supply size: 250x90x40mm
  • Efficiency: 80PLUS PLATINUM 94.33%
  • Warranty for the finished product – 12 months
  • Block state – Refurbished

We can adapt DELL DPS-1200MB A DPS-1200E-S0 1400W 12V 114.17A 80PLUS PLATINUM power supply – for any configuration.

Specifications: DELL DPS-1200MB A 1400W

Power:  1400w
Certificate:  80PLUS Platinum
Guarantee :  12 months
Efficiency:  94.33%
Working voltage:  200-277V ~ / 9A 50-60Hz
Output voltage:  + 12V
Current strength: 114.17A
Device dimensions:  250mm (long) x 90mm (width) x 40mm (height)
The weight :  1.12kg