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Descarga gratis theHunter y Antstream

Like every Thursday, free games in the Epic Games Store, taking today the hunting game theHunter: Call of the Wild, and Antstream Arcade with your Epic welcome pack. Basically they give you as virtual coins that you can use to play arcade games, so it is not really a free game as such, but credits to play until they are exhausted, well to spend money there better on a Windows license, of course xD. You can claim them from the following link.

You have never enjoyed a hunting game like theHunter: Call of the Wild before. Immerse yourself in an evocative and lively open world, from the realism of its majestic animals to the rustling of the leaves as you stalk your prey. Decide if you will hunt alone or join a hunt with your friends. Remember: you are not just visiting this world. You are part of it. The feeling when you finally get a glimpse of the beautiful antlers of your first deer in the undergrowth is indescribable.

The most realistic open world hunting experience

We have painstakingly recreated each reserve to make it as authentic as possible, allowing you to enter different regions of the world and tour their rich biomes. Soon you will learn which animals prefer to move on which terrain and you will analyze their actual behavior, traits and movement patterns to better pursue them. Next, it is up to you to analyze the value of your target: from the size and symmetry of the antlers of the deer to the weight and plumage of a Canada goose, you will have to determine if the animal is worth shooting.
Your hunting. Your decisions.

Create your own hunting experience.

Find your favorite weapons from a wide variety of options, from rifles to bows, each with its different types of ammunition and suitable for animals of various sizes. Constantly practice your aim and do not forget to take into account the wind and the fall of the bullets. In addition, you have at your disposal various callers and scents to attract your prey towards you while you search for the perfect hiding place from which to aim.

Better together

theHunter: Call of the Wild offers unique multiplayer options. You decide if you want to cooperate or compete in the multiple game challenges and frequent hunting events that everyone can participate in. And if you want to visit and hunt in one of the paid DLC reserves, just join someone who owns it and go hunting.

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