Download XMR-Stak 2.10.4 and configure the program

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The first cryptocurrency based on the Cryptonight algorithm is called Bytecoin (BCN). It appeared back in 2012 and still exists today, but its fork Monero (XMR) is more popular. Subsequently, over 30 modified hash functions of the Cryptonight algorithm were launched, and the total number of virtual coins exceeds a hundred.

All forks are distinguished by high anonymity of transactions due to the use of the CryptoNote scheme. For mining in such an extensive system, multifunctional software is needed. Cryptonight xmr stak is one of the best utilities in this sector of the crypto industry.

What is XMR-Stak?

XMR-Stak is a versatile miner. The program works with CPUs, AMD and NVIDIA video cards.

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What algorithms does the program support?

Besides Monero, which recently switched to Cryptonight R, xmr stak mines:

  • Turtle;
  • Haven;
  • Heavy;
  • Zelerius;
  • Reversewaltz_v8$
  • X-Cash (v8_double);
  • Cryptonight_lite;
  • Cryptonight_lite_v7;
  • Cryptonight_lite_v7_xor (algorithm used by ipbc);
  • Cryptonight_gpu (for Ryo fork);
  • Cryptonight_v7;
  • Cryptonight_v8;
  • Cryptonight_v8_half (used by masari and stellite).

supported algorithms

  • For the Alloy coin, a separate version of xmr-stak-alloy v 2.4.5 has been developed, available for download on the service.

How to set up a miner

The program uses all available computer resources. On first launch, the xmr stack amd / nvidia / cpu parameters are automatically configured. The mining script can be written directly on the command line or you can create a bat file.

How to start mining

settings to run

In the xmr stak amd / nvidia program, setting up the rig begins with starting the program. Left-click on the miner icon and a command prompt window will appear on the display with the question: “Use simple setup metod“? (Y / n). Translated into Russian, this means: Use a simple setup method? (Well no).

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Enter the letter “AND“And press the”Enter“. Now you have to choose a cryptocurrency for mining. The list contains not only the coins themselves, but also the mining algorithms. If you did not see the name of the altcoin you are interested in, specify its hash algorithm in the xmr stak parameters.

main parameters

After the altcoin is selected, the miner will ask for:

  • pool coordinates for the connection;
  • wallet or your login on the service with mandatory registration;
  • password;
  • farm name.

Data can be written manually by confirming with the key Enter, or if they are written in a text file of another utility, just copy the necessary information and right-click in the terminal window. The second method is very convenient when entering an address to receive earned money. Kryptonite coin wallets have a very long alphanumeric code, and marketplace deposits require a payment ID in addition to the address (Payamenr ID).

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At the end of the xmr stack configuration, specify:

  • Whether the pool you selected supports TSL / SSL connection.
  • Will you be using Nicehash service.
  • Work alternately with several altcoins of the multicurrency service.

If your answer is no or you are not sure, press N. every time. The program will start the hardware setup and create text files with the xmr stak settings:

  • AMD или nVidia gpu;
  • CPU;
  • Pools.

And also xmr stak config with the main parameters of the miner.

baht file

After completing the configuration, the utility will connect to the pool and start mining.

launching the program

In xmr-stak-cpu, mining settings are only possible for certain CPU models (AMD Ryzen, Xeon v2, Core i7 / i5 / i3 3xxx). Since the mining of kryptonite coins on the central processor is unprofitable, it can be disabled by specifying the value “cpu_threads_conf»: null.


Tips for increasing the hash rate

AMD GPUs issue the maximum hash rate on the kryptonite after flashing with the appropriate timings. You can find the information you need on the forums and

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forum topic bits media

Important! Manipulations with memory and core frequencies will give almost nothing. Increasing the intensity in the xmr stak amd / nvidia settings can lead to crashes and stalls, especially on budget models. Put core clock 1100, memory clock 2000, and work quietly.

For Nvidia video cards, the Cryptonight algorithm is not a priority, yielding in terms of profitability to Eqiash, X16r and Ethash. You can get detailed information on the service WhatToMine.

Possible problems and solutions

Failure due to misconfiguration. Ошибка SOCKET ERROR — CONNECT error: GetAddrInfo: Temporary failure in name resolution, indicates that you have incorrectly specified the parameters for connecting to the server. Also check the name and port of the connection, do not skip the symbols, otherwise the mining will never start.

When an error occurs Memory Alloc Failed: VirtualAlloc Failed

  1. Specify the maximum possible amount of virtual memory.
  2. Stop local services that do not affect basic Windows functionality.
  3. Download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools utility on com
  4. Run terminal as administrator.
  5. Введите: ntrights -u %USERNAME% +r SeLockMemoryPrivilege %USERNAME%.
  6. When the message successfull appears, restart your computer.
  7. Run the miner with administrator rights.
Nvidia GPUs can lock up or crash on startup. But the owners rigs collected on green cards it is not very profitable to work with Cryptonight xmr stak.

Ready bat files

When you run the program from the command line, you lose the old settings after making changes. But, you can compose an executive file in a text editor, save it with the extension “bat»And start mining with it.

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Xmr stak batch file contains the basic parameters of connection with the pool, and the miner will perform the configuration of the equipment independently. Sample bat file:

xmr-stak.exe  -o :7777 -u  ADRESS.WORKER NAME  -p x  pause

Decryption of commands:

  • -xmr-stak.exe miner name;
  • -o server coordinates
  • -u wallet, worker name
  • -p password
  • -pause auxiliary value, if the xmr stak batch file is written incorrectly, the command does not allow the terminal to close so that you can see the error.

If you want to disable mining on the processor, add the value “–NoCPU“After the password. At the first start, mining will not start immediately and the miner will go to the settings. Select “AND“, And indicate the same cryptocurrency for which the bat file.


XMR-Stak на Hive OS

hive os xmr

Cryptonight xmr stak is on the list of miners working with Hive us… Help with setup can be found on the Hive Community Forum. You can earn bitcoins using xmr stak nicehash. If the miner produces a lot of broken balls during the mining process, check the program settings and reduce the values ​​of the memory and core frequencies. A version of the program with zero DevFee is available on the xmr stak bitcointalk page.

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official thread on the forum


Cryptonight xmr stak is not perfect, but very beginner-friendly. You can not search for a sample batch file, but simply enter the parameters, following the prompts and the miner will start mining.

Many miners prefer to work with the xmr stack. Coins of the cryptonight algorithm minimize the load on video cards and in terms of mining profitability are very slightly inferior to ETH and ETC. Cryptocurrency Monero and other coins are rising in value following Bitcoin. Run the rigs while the equipment has not yet risen in price. Happy mining!

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