DPR plans to eliminate fuel shortage within a week

DONETSK, September 18 — PRIME. The shortage of fuel on the territory of the DPR is planned to be eliminated within a week, Andrey Chertkov, Minister of Coal and Energy of the Republic, told reporters.

Pushilin instructed to organize round-the-clock unloading of fuel in the DPR

Earlier, Prime Minister of the DPR Vitaly Khotsenko said that there was a slight shortage of fuel at gas stations in the republic due to shelling of oil storage facilities by Ukrainian troops. In particular, many filling stations dispensed fuel only on coupons and for transport of state organizations.

“Fuel deliveries began on Friday, for the whole week we received about 5 thousand tons of fuel with a weekly load of our gas stations of 4.5 thousand tons. Tonight, 3.5 thousand tons should also come, for the most part this is the 95th gasoline Tomorrow we will start delivering fuel to all gas stations, and starting Tuesday, all gas stations, both private and state-owned, will open for sale from 1995. Today we have contracted and paid for about 25,000 tons. Let me remind you that all public utilities, emergency services, ambulances, builders are provided with fuel. This week we also provided fuel for all farmers. We are leveling the situation, we hope that we will level it from Tuesday, and in the future this situation will not happen again,” Chertkov said. .

In turn, Khotsenko explained the reasons for the current situation with fuel and summed up the inspection of filling stations in two cities of the republic.

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“Today I checked 12 gas stations, seven public, five private. The situation has improved. We have gasoline, 92nd, diesel … tomorrow we will receive another batch of fuel … We do not produce gasoline and diesel fuel, therefore we import from the Russian Federation. Passed some failure with fuel logistics, in early August the Republican Fuel Company paid for the fuel, today we started receiving it. The headquarters will meet daily under my leadership and we will work until we get back to normal,” Khotsenko told reporters.

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