Dual mining eth and ZIL HiveOS: Ethereum Classic ETC paired with Zilliqa (ZIL)

Dual mining eth and ZIL HiveOS: Ethereum Classic ETC paired with Zilliqa (ZIL) – Blokcheyn platform Zilliqa is quite interesting from the viewpoint of miners, as enables dual-mining by periodically switching capacities of mining Ethash-ETH / ETC on ZIL. Since such a switch occurs once every 100 minutes, the income from the main mining almost does not suffer, but additional profit appears in ZIL coins.

On the positive side, Zilliqa should also note the low memory requirements of video cards for mining ZIL coins – they can be mined even on a GPU with 2 GB of video memory (the current DAG on the Zilliqa network is 1.25 GB).

At first, the mining of Zilliqa coins was associated with the need to launch a special script that monitors the time the miner switched to ZIL. This is not very convenient, especially since the cost of this cryptocurrency was not very high.

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Currently, there are several pools that allow automatic dual mining on the Ethash and Zilliqa algorithm, which allows you to increase the overall level of profit. The most convenient of them is the ezil pool , where you can mine in one of two modes: ETH + ZIL or ETC + ZIL.

Features of ETH + ZIL and ETC + ZIL ezil mining pool

ezil is the most powerful PPLNS pool for dual mining ZIL and ETH / ETC with 1% commission. It is a fair pool mining the most ZIL blocks of any known pool.

Hashrate distribution for mining Zilliqa cryptocurrency by known pools (data from miningpoolstats):

The ezil pool interface is available in English, Russian and Chinese.

On the “Overview” page of the user there is statistics on the received reward, hash rate, mining calculator and other useful information:

Features of ETH + ZIL and ETC + ZIL ezil mining pool

In the “Workers” section, you can view information on the working rigs:

The transaction fees included in the block can be viewed in the “Rewards” section:

How to set up Ethereum or Ethereum Classic mining in dual with Zilliqa?

When dual mining paired with Ethereum, you need to have video cards with a memory capacity that can accommodate its DAG data (more than 4 gigabytes).

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For dual mining Ethereum Classic and Zilliqa on ezil, it is enough to have video cards with a memory capacity of 3 gigabytes.

If you want to run Zilliqa dual mining on video cards with two gigabytes of memory, for example, to mine DBIX + ZIL cryptocurrencies, then you need to use other pools, and also use an additional program (switcher) that will switch the miner to the Zilliqa network at the right time.

How to set up Ethereum or Ethereum Classic mining in dual with Zilliqa?

Setting up Ethereum mining (using the ethash algorithm ) or Ethereum Classic (using the etchash algorithm ) in dual with Zilliqa on the ezil pool is similar to other pools, except that two addresses must be specified in the BAT file / script as user:

  1. Ethereum or Ethereum Classic wallet address.
  2. Zilliqa wallet address.

Any addresses can be used as a wallet, including those generated on the exchange. For example, for the Zilliqa and Ethereum Classic cryptocurrencies, it is very convenient to use the Binance exchange . Coins are credited to the wallets of this exchange without delays and unpleasant surprises, unlike scam exchanges like Poloniex .

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The following are examples of files for running dual mining ETH / ETC with ZIL in Phoenix Miner, lolMiner and teamredminer programs.https://acceptable.a-ads.com/1522202

Script for mining ETC + ZIL in Phoenix Miner on AMD and Nvidia video cards:

sudo ./PhoenixMiner -pool eu.ezil.me:4444 -proto 2 -wal etc_wallet.zil_wallet -worker worker -coin etc -powlim 0 -log 0 -cdm 1 -gwtime 100 -tt 67 -ttli 71 -tstop 76 -tstart 55 -fcm 2 -fanmin 40 -cdmport your_port -gsi 0 -rate 0 -r 1

Script for mining ETC + ZIL in the lolMiner program:

#! / bin / bash
export GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE = 100

sudo ./lolMiner --algo ETCHASH --pool eu.ezil.me:4444 --user eth_wallet.zil_wallet --ethstratum ETHPROXY --worker worker --apiport your_port --tstop 75 --tstart 55 --enablezilcache

sleep 10

A script for mining ETH + ZIL in the teamredminer program on 8GB AMD video cards:

sudo ./teamredminer -a ethash -o stratum + tcp: //eu.ezil.me: 5555 -u eth_wallet.zil_wallet --eth_worker = worker --eth_stratum_mode = ethproxy --no_stale_submit --temp_limit = 65 --temp_resume = 55 --fan_control --cm_api_listen = local_address: port --fan_default_polaris = 56 ::: 40 --eth_dag_cache = 0

It is better not to start dual mining on video cards that work in Zombie mode, since the miner will freeze at the moment of switching between ETH and ZIL coins.

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As the address of the pool, you need to specify the geographically closest server to the miner. On ezil have a server in Germany, Singapore, USA East and USA West.

The list of addresses and other service information required to start mining is available on the START page of the pool:

On the START page and in the FAQ section (in more detail) there is help for setting up HiveOS and other systems for mining.

How to get bonuses when mining on the ezil pool?

To receive a cashback bonus of 0.1% of your income for a period of two weeks, you just need to go to the ezil pool and start mining.

You can also use the promo code 0900 by entering it in the field on the referral program (PROMO) tab:


Mining ETH and ETC in Dual-mode on the ezil pool allows you to significantly increase the income from calculations using the ethash algorithm.

The increase is especially noticeable on video cards with a small amount of video memory (3-4 gigabytes), which are mined by Ethereum Classic. The increase in profit is approximately 15-20% depending on the current price of ETC and ZIL coins and the luck of the pool.

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When mining Ethereum on more powerful video cards paired with Zilliqa, the increase is not so great, but there is also – the increase in profit is about 2-3%.