Dual Mining: From 2017 To 2021 Changed in 4 years

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Everyone who has already mastered the “crypto-world” has heard about such a phenomenon as Dual Mining. Dual mining appeared in 2017, when the efficiency of mining electronic coins began to decline. Equipment began to wear out faster, and blocks became more difficult to solve. This could not but affect the reward, so the miners rushed to find alternative ways to mine coins.

Dual mining in 2017

As you know, not all coins can be mined at the same time. During mining, different algorithms use different computing centers of the graphics cards. Thanks to this, one GPU can be configured for several algorithms at once without speed drop. The main thing is to choose the right pair, which can be processed at the same time and not affect the hash rate.

When double mining was just starting to gain momentum, the main algorithm was Ethash, respectively, the main coin was chosen:

  • Ethereum;
  • Musicoin;
  • Expanse;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • Ubiq.
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As an additional option, miners preferred:

  • Decred;
  • SiaCoin;
  • Pascal;
  • Lbry;
  • Keccak;
  • Blake2s;
  • Credits.

To get started in dual mode, Claymore’s Dual software was used. All you had to do was download the miner, fill in the .bat file and run the equipment to its fullest.

Double mining promised a double benefit: the video card did not work “idle”, and you had a chance to recoup the cost of expensive equipment or at least the payment of electricity bills. At the same time, the standard card was enough to mine even in solo mode.

Dual mining in 2021, which has changed in 4 years

Gradually, the relevance of double mining on video cards faded away. Many have abandoned this venture, having united their “capacities” into pools.

However, the players in the dual arena still remained, only the rules of the game changed. Dual mining  in 2021 is different from the traditional model. After solo mining became obsolete, miners began to connect to shared servers. The block is solved faster, and the reward is divided among all participants.

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Some services support “variable” mining of both assets. This means that for some time you mine, for example, only ether, after which you switch to another coin. Once the computation is complete, the rig will automatically return to air. However, this scheme is not supported by every Ethereum mining pool. Here  https://k1pool.com/ru/pool/eth  you can find one of them.

Ethereum has remained the most popular main coin, but it will not be possible to pick up a pair for it from the 2017 list. For example, Decred and Pascal are hopelessly outdated, as is the Claymore miner.

The modern picture shows the following trend: it is profitable to mine in pairs those currencies that have not yet conquered the crypto market. But here, too, you need to be careful, since not all exchanges support “newbies”, which may lead to problems with the sale.

Dual Mining From 2017 To 2021 Changed in 4 years
Dual Mining From 2017 To 2021 Changed in 4 years

K1Pool  is one of the services that successfully develops such dual mining areas as:

  • ETH + ZIL;
  • ZIL + RVN.
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In the case of Ethereum and Zilliqa, the T-Rex, LolMiner and GMiner programs come in handy. The first miner is suitable for nVidia cards, the second is only for AMD, while the GMiner can be used for both types of devices.

The pool also switches to ZIL mining with just one click. Enough 1 minute every hour or two, after which there is an automatic transition to ETH. This will not affect the earnings of ether, but zilika will bring additional profit.

ZIL + RVN (Zilliqa and RavenCoin) is a unique way of double mining, but a regular RVN mining pool will not be enough. Only K1Pool members with nVidia cards and when working with a T-Rex miner have access to such a source of income. The size of the DAG file is 2.781 Gb, the reward for the solved block is 5000 RVN ($ 1045.00).

Who knows, maybe over time, other coins will become no less profitable, but for now it is worth taking a closer look at the pairs ETH + ZIL and ZIL + RVN and increase your income.

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