Engineering samples Intel Core i5-12400 already available for purchase, but it’s better not to do it

Engineering samples Intel Core i5-12400 already available for purchase, but it's better not to do it

Eager for a pre-release purchase of a new generation processor? Then take a look at the eBay auctions. It is there that you can already buy engineering samples of Intel Core i5-12400, i.e. those early versions that do not represent the same level as the final variants that officially hit the stores.

You can already buy Intel Core i5-12400 engineering samples on eBay

Intel Core i5-12400 will probably make its debut in early 2022 along with a whole lot of other 65-watt Core 12th generation. However, you can already buy your own engineering sample, i.e. early versions of the processor, shipped by Intel to third parties in the number of thousands, not tens of thousands, to test their stability and compatibility. For this reason, some of them may not even be able to move on the current Z690 motherboards, because these qualification samples are also accompanied by special copies of the boards with a different microcode.

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Above you can see, for example, the sale of one of these Intel Core i5-12400 samples marked with the code QXDY for $ 227.99 with the silicon core version C0. Its six cores are clocked at 4 GHz, and next to them, instead of the iGPU UHD730, there is an HD 770 graphics core from the Core i5-12600.

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It is better not to buy this type of processor, because even if you manage to provide it with a suitable motherboard, another problem will appear with the drivers. Not to mention lower clocks and thus efficiency.