EOS vs. Ethereum -Comparison Which is more Profitable To Invest?

EOS vs. Ethereum Comparison Which is more Profitable

EOS vs. Ethereum – June 26, 2017, started the ICO EOS. This ICO will last for almost a year, and there are no analogs to it, but at the same time, you can buy EOS on the Bitfinex and Kraken exchanges. The most important thing is to understand whether it is worth it. Let’s start with a review of factual information.

EOS is a smart contract platform designed to perform a large number of tasks simultaneously. One of the creators of the platform is Dan Larimer, who previously successfully unleashed Steemit and Bitshares. This project aims to eliminate the main obstacles to widespread use faced by DApps on existing blockchain platforms, mainly Ethereum. Among other things, according to the developers Must support millions of users, free use, easy updates, low latency and parallel performance.

EOS.IO is software that can be used to build one or more platforms. Forms for ICO. Whether this will really happen depends on third-party developers who will have to control at least 15% of EOS tokens. Any platform will generate natural inflation of 5% per year. The ICO proceeds will be blocked. one revenue and will be used at the company’s discretion. The EOS is based on the DPoS consensus algorithm (delegated proof of ownership) of the community to delegate responsibility for transaction verification Selected “witnesses” – 21 nodes with the largest capital.

EOS tokens are released on the Ethereum network. In total there are 1 billion tokens, and they are divided between the team (10%) and investors (90%). The team that develops the project, block.one, will receive each year 10% of the total number of 10 million tokens, that is, 1 million tokens per year. 200 million tokens (20% of the total pool) were distributed among investors in The framework of the ICO Zero Round, held from June 26 to July 1, 2017. 

The total price was 0. $ 86 per one token. 2 million tokens (0.2% of the total pool) are divided between investors daily for 350 days. The cost of EOS tokens within the framework of ICO currently ranged from $ 0.86 in the zero windows to $ 5.99 in the second window. The price of tokens is determined by the amount of money invested in each round of investment.

Token distribution principle:

20 EOS Tokens are available during the investment period. Bob provided 4 ETH, Alice 1 ETH. At the end of the investment period 5ETH / 20EOS. Thus, the price of the token during this period is 1 EOS = 0.25ETH. Bob gets 16 EOS tokens, Alice 4 tokens.

You can buy tokens as part of ICO at eos.io. The minimum contribution amount is from 0.01 ETH.

What is EOS cryptocurrency?

The EOS platform was created in the summer of 2017 by the company Block.one and the main developer Daniel Larimer, who previously worked on Bit Shares and Stemit.

The main idea of ​​the developers is to create a decentralized platform with high bandwidth, the function of smart contracts and a minimum commission. In essence, Block.one decided to make a new version of Ethereum, only faster and cheaper.

To attract investors, Block.one decided to hold an ICO, during which about a billion tokens will be distributed.

The developers immediately announced that 200 million tokens would be issued as a single package in the first 5 days of trading, 700 million they would “stretch” for the entire duration of the ICO, and another 100 million would freeze on their account.

Fundraising began on June 26, 2017 and will continue until June 1, 2018. The developers are confident that in a year potential investors will be able to appreciate all the benefits of EOS.

Until the end of ICO, the platform operates in test mode. Therefore, to judge the benefits of EOS can only be on the descriptions of developers.

  • If Ethereum is a supercomputer for running smart contracts, then EOS is an operating system in which users can easily create any decentralized applications.
  • Thanks to the use of parallel processing technology and asynchronous communication, the system will be able to process several million transactions per second (Ethereum – only 30).
  • At EOS, a unique DPoS protocol will be used, in which not all miners are responsible for confirming transactions (as, for example, in Bitcoin), but 20 major asset holders within a particular block.

If developers manage to realize their plans, EOS will be a real breakthrough in the world of blockchain.

How to mine EOS?

Get EOS using mining is impossible. Currently, this cryptocurrency is distributed in the Ethereum network.

In order to purchase EOS, you must send a certain amount of Ethereum to a special address, after the end of the auction, the specified number of tokens will be distributed among all the people who have made the payment in proportion to their shares.

It is noteworthy that it is impossible to get EOS cryptocurrency using traditional mining. With ICO, these digital coins are distributed within the Ethereum network.

So, the main process of obtaining EOS is as follows – you need to send a certain number of Ethereum coins to a special address.

Then, at the end of all trades, the corresponding amount of tokens will be distributed among all participants who have made a purchase in proportion to the acquired shares of these people.

After the end of ICO, EOS cryptocurrency can be purchased on exchanges.

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What markets can I buy EOS on?

The easiest way to get EOS is to buy this cryptocurrency on the exchange. EOS tokens can be bought on several exchanges:

  • BTER.com
  • Bitfinex
  • Kraken
  • HitBTC
  • Hitbit

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Where to store EOS? Wallet selection

The official EOS wallet does not exist yet. Moreover, so far, none of the developers of cryptotothels has declared support for the token.

However, the EOS platform uses the ERC-20 standard, which means that, theoretically, you can keep coins on any cryptographic card that is compatible with this format:

  • Desktop Cryptbags: Ethereum Wallet, Jaxx, Exodus.
  • Hardware wallets: Ledger Nano S, Trezor.
  • Online Wallets: MyEtherWallet.
  • Mobile applications: Jaxx.

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Advantages of EOS cryptocurrency

Experts argue for the success of EOS:

  • Thanks to its excellent technical solutions, EOS has every chance of becoming the main alternative to Ethereum. If the claimed network capacity is indeed achieved, EOS will leave all its competitors far behind.
  • The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is constantly growing, new capital is actively pouring into EOS, much of which is spent on promoting the project. If the developers just wanted to quickly collect the money, they would have been without extra spending.
  • ICO is stretched for a whole year, although a fifth of the tokens were sold in the first 5 days of fundraising. Obviously, the developers have planned EOS as a large-scale and long-running project.
  • The price of cryptocurrency is rising, despite pessimistic forecasts and a general market decline. A month ago, few people believed that EOS would cost at least $ 5, and today the price of a coin has already grown to $ 14.

Long-term perspectives

[stextbox id = “info”] Consider the factors that can lead EOS to success:

  1. The founding father of the project is Dan Larimer. Success is largely determined by the people who are behind this or that project. Early investors Steemit and Bitshares multiplied their funds many times, if, of course, they guessed in time to take profits.
  2. 10% of team tokens broken for 10 years is an excellent incentive for the team to work on the development of the project and increase capitalization for at least 10 years.
  3. For ICO projects need a reliable, fast platform. It is already clear to everyone that Ethereum, at least in its current form, cannot cope with this task. With favorable development, this project can compete with Ethereum.
  4. The project is truly ambitious – a lot of interest among investors, a lot of money has already been collected. I hope that some of this money will be spent on advertising and promotion, which in turn will attract new capital.
  5. High verification speed due to DPoS consensus algorithm

I understand and respect the opinions of people who have invested money in Bitcoin, and do not participate in any ICO, considering the entire industry one big hyip. In general, the example of EOS just confirms this point of view. But if you invested money in EOS tokens, it would be advisable to hold them for at least 1-2 years. money in EOS:

  1. At the moment, there is no ready platform, only a test network. How much it will be able to support millions of users is a big question, as long as there are only PROMISES.
  2. At the same time, several similar platforms are being developed – Tezos, Quantum, Aeternity, Tauchain. Plus Ethereum, not wanting to lose the market, moves to a faster and more stable version.
  3. All ICO receipts will be used at the sole discretion of block.one, not necessarily at EOS.IO.
  4. Control over the development of the coin will be concentrated in the hands of a narrow circle of people with maximum stacks.

It was a bit funny to see the results of voting on the possible price of EOS in 1 year in one of the Telegram crypto chats – someone thinks that Eos will cost $ 5, $ 10, $ 50 … There is nothing ANY besides vague promises, but people already predicting price, focusing on … Apparently, on the results of previous projects. But you can not think so straightforwardly – the fact that Ethereum and Bitshares brought their early and patient investors an income does not necessarily mean the success of EOS, all this is just your “pink dreams “. [/ Stextbox]

Update April 11, 2018

In my opinion, the currency of April is EOS. If you buy, it is better not to spend Fiat, but to shift some of your cryptocurrency reserves. In relation to dollars, there may be a drawdown along with the market, but in relation to the main cryptocurrencies, EOSIO holds very not bad.

I will personally close the position in parts, basic guidelines:

  1. Ending ICO. (June 1, 2018)
  2. Readiness of the main network EOSIO. (June 2018)
  3. Launch of EOS platform (s) using EOS.IO software (June 2018)
  4. Dan Larimer’s departure to a new project
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Additional incentive to buy – AirPoops for EOS owners:

  • Encyclopedia of the new generation of Everipedia – distribution is planned in June.
  • decentralized autonomous community (eosDAC), blockchain snapshot on April 15, with 100 EOS coins, holders will receive a 1: 1 eosDAC
  • Scatter Digital Identification and Reputation

24 hours after the end of the sale of tokens (June 1, 2018), ERC20 tokens in your wallet will become unmovable and useless if you do not link your ETH address with EOS. After completing this link, you can transfer your ERC20 tokens to the EOS blockchain. , you must either generate the keys in EOS and register them in MyEtherwallet, or, more to the point, withdraw money to the stock exchange, where the transition will occur automatically without interrupting the bidding. Self-registration instructions: Detailed reddit instructions for all wallets (eng.) Russian the addition of the public key in MyEtherWallet.

Update 02 June 2018

The official release of EOSIO 1.0 and the inability to enter / withdraw EOS on exchanges gave an interesting effect – first place in terms of trading volume, fifth place in terms of capitalization and more than + 20% in one day. Taking into account the total capitalization, wait for EOS to continue at a pace and further, it would be somewhat naive. Therefore, I now close part of the position on EOS – everything is strictly according to plan.

  • VKontakte
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Livejournal
  • Mail.ru

General Information

In the network you can often find the phrase: “EOS is Ethereum on steroids.” Indeed, the platform is based on a revised, optimized and improved idea of ​​Ether. Here you will find smart contracts and support for decentralized applications, but EOS is a cryptocurrency that still has a number of advantages over Ethereum, but we’ll talk about them a bit lower.

Project cryptocurrency:EOS
Year of foundation:2017
The authors:Dan larrimer
Market capitalization:4,714,521,299 USD
Number of coins:742,619,721 (out of 900,000,000)
Protocol:DPoS (delegated share proof)
Mining:not provided

Unlike other blockchain projects, EOS is not just a distributed database, developers talk about a full-fledged operating system, on the basis of which you can create and configure decentralized applications for different purposes. With the help of the project software, access to such functions as:

  • asynchronous communication;
  • profile identification;
  • application planning;
  • browse databases.

The main feature, thanks to which the EOS cryptocurrency stands out from competitors, is scaling applications (horizontal and vertical) to several million free transactions per second. This can ensure a stable and fast system operation for developers of decentralized projects and was made possible by integrating DPoS technology into the project – delegated proof of ownership.

Advantages and problems of the platform

Like any project with an original idea, IOS cryptocurrency has advantages that have already made the coin famous. There are also problems that you need to know if you decide to invest in this platform. Some of them have already been mentioned, now we will discuss in more detail.

Benefits that may lead to buy EOS cryptocurrency:

  • No transaction fee. Each resident has the right to use the EOS capabilities depending on the share in the system, instead of paying for each transaction.
  • BecauseEOS is an operating system., developers of decentralized applications and other projects get the opportunity to quickly launch them
  • Theoretically, due to the simultaneous processing of multiple data streams and asynchronous communication,EOS can support application scalingup to millions of users and millions of operations per second.

Disadvantages that can adversely affect the rate of EOS cryptocurrency:

  • The source code has not been verified.
  • Competitors who can “crush” the project. The main one is Ethereum, which has already achieved considerable success.
  • There is no way to verify the stated characteristics, as the developers did not bother with the demonstration of the working beta platform.
  • There is no complete decentralization of the project, and this is the main difference of the blockchain. Developers can fully control EOS cryptocurrency directly.
  • The course significantly, as, indeed, in most similar projects, depends on the success of the platform as a whole.

How does EOS differ from other cryptocurrencies?

Let’s discuss what distinctive moments make the project stand out among the crowd of analogues. Why such a cryptocurrency as EOS will be surely appreciated by investors, if developers can implement their ideas.

How does EOS differ

As mentioned above, the IOS developers stated that the key feature of the currency is the DPoS technology, the advantage of which over the usual mining is that the creators of the blocks do not compete with each other, but work together, this allows you to avoid forks. Thanks to this system, it becomes possible to quickly process a huge number of user transactions.

EOS is also a more flexible platform than most blockchain counterparts. It has the ability to fix or freeze developers, decentralized applications that have errors or problems.

Another feature of the project, which favorably distinguishes the EOS cryptocurrency among competitors, is the lack of transaction fees. Modern users are not accustomed to paying for various actions on the Internet (like or share a post on social networks, access to the platform) and the presence of fines often scares off new users of blockchain systems. Thanks to EOS, the problem can be solved, which will add to the popularity of decentralized online applications.

Where can one buy

EOS cryptocurrency can be bought in two ways. The first is participation in the daily distribution within the ICO, the second is to purchase a token on one of the exchanges. Consider each option.

Participation in ICO

As mentioned above, two million EOS coins are proportionally distributed among investors at the end of every 23 hours, depending on the amount of coin from the Ether. This is the most profitable way to get tokens (on the stock exchange, the cost of EOS cryptocurrency is usually higher). The first thing to do is to have a suitable wallet. Theoretically, any supporting Ethereum will do.

Important! In order for your tokens not to disappear after the end of ICO, be sure to link your wallet with a key by generating it on the EOS.io website.

Purchase on the stock exchange

EOS on the stock exchange cryptocurrency give is usually more expensive than when participating in the distribution of tokens through the ICO, so these services are better used for resale. About three dozen stock exchanges support the trading of EOS coins, the most popular of which are:

  • Binance;
  • Kraken;
  • HitBTC;
  • Shapeshift;
  • Bithumb;

Where to store EOS cryptocurrency

Perhaps one of the most preferred ways to store digital coins is web wallets. They are distinguished by convenience and reliability. Among various online wallets, for EOS cryptocurrency, there are two:

  • MyEtherWallet – has open source and does not use a third-party server, and stores cryptocurrency directly on your PC, which provides additional security assets.
  • Metamask – wallet is a plugin for Google Chrome, and also provides reliable storage of coins (it is recommended by the developers).

How to install Metamask

Let us analyze in steps – how to install Metamask online wallet on your computer.

  • To work with the plugin, you must install Google Chrome, since the wallet is only compatible with this browser.
  • After installing Google Chrome, go to the website Metamask.io.
  • In the opened tab click on the linkGET CHROME PLUGIN, and in a new window you will be prompted to install the plugin.
  • After installation, the Metamask extension button should appear in the upper right corner of the browser.
  • Click on the plugin and we will be asked to get acquainted with the proposed information and the order of work. If you do not know English, just double-click.
  • In the next window you needenter your password twice. It must consist of at least eight characters.
  • Next you will be askedsave twelve keywords. Be sure to copy and save them. If you lose access to your wallet, you can restore it using keywords.
  • Moving to the next step, we get to the wallet menu, where the current balance, transaction history and token list are displayed. Also here you can copy the address of your wallet, export a private key and create several more accounts with a unique address.

See the video below for more details:

You can replenish the balance of the created wallet with Ethereum coins through exchange offices or a cryptocurrency exchange.

Software wallets

From desktop applications for storing tokens, you can mention Exodus, available for installation on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and Jaxx, which, among other things, has a mobile client.

Hardware wallets

Hardware wallets

For hardware storage of EOS cryptocurrencies, Edger and Trezor wallets are most preferable, they can be synchronized with a PC, and they provide reliable protection of savings.

After you start one of the above wallets, you need to replenish it with ETH tokens for the amount you plan to invest. Then register on the EOS.io website and generate a top-up address to which you need to make an ETH transfer (minimum 0.01) to participate in the ICO.

Important! Do not transfer funds to the EOS address from the exchange account, but use only your own private cryptocell. Otherwise, you just lose your coins.

Expert opinion

According to experts from NewsBTC, an authoritative cryptocurrency edition, despite the current depreciation, EOS tokens will soon increase in price, and will soon overcome the $ 10 mark.

At this stage, building a forecast of EOS cryptocurrency is quite difficult. The entire crypt market is slowly getting out of the pit into which it fell in January, and EOS is no exception. At the time of this writing, the capitalization of the coin is approximately 4.7 billion dollars, and one token can be bought for 6.3 dollars, which is more than 10 dollars less than the maximum value. On the other hand, there is a possibility that EOS will still jump strongly up to 50-100 dollars per unit. So, it makes sense to buy coins while they are in decline, and to monitor the news of EOS cryptocurrency in order to take profits in time.

What to expect next?

The EOS platform is quite unambiguous. Its creator, Dan Larrimer, is known as a talented and original developer, but the fact that he threw two of his previous projects at the beta testing stage, because of what many have labeled them as scam, inspires long-term suspicions.

It is also worth noting that it is difficult to discuss the prospects of EOS cryptocurrency, because there is still no working prototype of the network and it is impossible to verify the stated capabilities of the platform.

Also alarming is the fact that large amounts of Fiat are drained from the EOS wallets of the ICO project.

If the developers manage to cope with the problems they have, then a rather positive forecast for 2018 can be made. A good idea in the working version can not stay away. Otherwise, the assets invested may be irretrievably lost. Whatever it was, until the end of the ICO currency must hold out at a good level and engage in speculation with it, it is fully justified.

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Larimer’s idea and what came of it

Having earned a reputation, Dan Larimer decided to do something more ambitious. This is how the EOS project appeared, positioning itself as a competitor to Ethereum. Dan himself commented on the creation of EOS: “The previous projects helped me gain experience and knowledge in order to realize a complex but promising idea. It is to create software for developers, using which they will quickly create, run and, if necessary, debug DApps — decentralized applications, projects, cryptobirds, social networks, etc. ”

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The difference between EOS and existing blockchain networks is the high speed of transaction processing. Already at the platform launch stage, it amounts to 1-6 thousand operations per second, and in the future it is planned to bring it to 1 million transactions per second. So the new project of Dan Larimer promises the creation of a powerful versatile ecosystem for the existence of blockchain products.

The name of the creator in conjunction with the perspective of the idea drew attention to the project of large investors, as a result of which ICO EOS at the time of its holding – summer 2017 – was the largest primary placement of coins. Having successfully completed ICO, the company faced internal problems, for which it was subjected to merciless criticism. However, this did not prevent the launch of a full-fledged working platform in the summer of 2018 and give the early investors a lot of X-profits.

At the time of the review, EOS continues to attract large capital funding, remaining one of the most promising projects with great growth potential. In 2018, the company demonstrated a real finished product by launching its network. Therefore, it is useful for potential investors to study a brief overview of its features in order to consciously invest in funds, while waiting for a solid profit.

general description

The EOS project is compared with Ethereum, since both blockchain platforms were designed to ensure the operation of smart contracts involved in the implementation of DApps and other decentralized platforms with open source code. Presenting the platform, founder Dan Larimer said: “EOS will take a stake from Ethereum, creating an easy-to-use blockchain network for large companies.”


If you simplify the essence of the statement, then it comes down to the following. EOS is an evolution of the Ethereum virtual machine, but unlike the latter, which is a kind of supercomputer based on a distributed registry, Dan Larimer’s platform runs under the operating system, which is convenient for developers to create and debug applications.

Managed by Block.one, personally led by Dan Larimer.

How is EOS organized?

EOS is a decentralized platform for developers creating blockchain projects, applications, social networks within a convenient operating system. If you explain it in simple terms, you can make the following analogy: Ethereum is a computer where the user performs actions through Bios, and EOS is a PC with Windows operating system. Naturally, the user will prefer to work with a computer running the operating system, since it is much more convenient, and it allows you to achieve goals faster.

EOS cryptocurrency owners can keep it, waiting for growth, or finance the development of DApps. Platform users are free to use ready-made applications and participate in projects for free, so no one is buying EOS tokens.

ethereum vs eos comparison

A feature of the platform was the DPoS algorithm, which is described in more detail in the section on mining EOS. In Russian, the full name of the algorithm sounds like “reaching a consensus through delegated confirmation of the share.” Due to its use, the blockchain network satisfies user requirements in terms of DApps performance, allowing you to perform millions of operations per second.

EOS received another distinctive feature – TaPoS. Under this abbreviation in translation into Russian hides “transaction in the role of proof of share.” In practice, it appears as follows. The network software forces all transactions to contain a header with a hash from the last block. Due to this, duplication of transactions with hard fork, which does not include reference blocks, is excluded. In addition, the hash informs the platform – this or that participant and its share are located on a specific branch.

Who are interested in the technical parameters of TaPoS, find them in EOS.IO Technical White Paper v2 on github.

Project Features

To understand why EOS cryptocurrency deserves to be bought, it is worth exploring and evaluating the competitive advantages of the project.


The main problem of BTC, ETH and other top cryptocurrencies is that they are not scalable. Therefore, it is inconvenient to use them as a means of payment, which makes it difficult for ordinary citizens to accept cryptocurrencies. Experts constantly compare the speed of processing transactions in the blockchains of individual cryptocurrencies with the Visa and MasterCard payment systems that process millions of transactions per second.

The EOS network has the ability to ensure the health of thousands of DApps created by commercial entities. Therefore, the transaction processing speed here should be at the level of large payment systems, which is ensured by parallel data processing, asynchronous communication, and other options that increase scalability.

Application flexibility

After running DApps on the Ethereum network, developers find it extremely inconvenient to maintain applications, but in EOS they are allowed to use permissions based on assigned roles, the ability to temporarily suspend applications, “repair” failed applications, etc.

Ease of use

EOS has received a complete set of web-based tools for creating the interface. Developers do not have to create everything from scratch, wasting time to come up with a convenient environment for work, as the network contains ready-made templates describing databases and declarative permission schemes.

ethereum vs eos comparison

Equal status of participants

EOS cryptocurrency is not tied to certain values ​​in the price, and its rate is determined by the market mechanism of supply and demand. Large buyers do not have the advantage in mining coins, because instead of PoS, the DPoS algorithm is used, so all participants have equal rights and opportunities.

What problems solves the project

The purpose of the platform is the creation of a scalable blockchain network for commercial products. Popular blockchain platforms, such as BTC, ETH, BTS, have big problems with scalability. Even taking into account the introduction of new technologies aimed at solving this problem, the Bitcoin network or the ether can provide tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, but this is not enough, and besides, on their platforms, the cost of commission increases due to a strong rise in price .

ethereum vs eos comparison

Dan Larimer says: “The work of such corporations as Uber, Ebay, Facebook requires a blockchain network capable of processing the actions of tens and even hundreds of millions of everyday users. The existing alternatives have a critical mass – as soon as the number of users reaches a certain ceiling, the platform stops working. Therefore, in the current conditions it is extremely important to offer a network to a business that is devoid of this disadvantage and offers a comfortable ecosystem for development. ”

Another problem associated with the use of blockchain networks is that participants in certain projects are not used to paying for actions. For example, users of social networks for obvious reasons should not pay for their actions, but if a decentralized platform is created with one or another type of consensus algorithm, in most cases it turns out that the transfer of information requires a commission, even if it is charged not in currency, but in cryptocurrency .

The EOS platform is just devoid of these shortcomings, and at the same time it solves the problems of complex updates, errors, latency, etc.

How to mine EOS?

In the new project, Dan Larimer used the DPoS algorithm, which successfully proved itself in the BitShares and Steemit projects. That is, EOS did not go the way of bitcoin and ether. Recall that in the BTC blockchain network, the PoW – Proof-of-Work algorithm is used. It assumes that the user receives new coins, as a result of the work done. In this case, such work is considered to be performing computational operations aimed at finding a new unit.

The usual protocol PoS – Proof-of-Stake is also not used. In Russian, it sounds like “proof of ownership,” suggesting that large coin holders receive their gain for storage. When using PoS, conditions are created when large holders receive many new coins for possession, which exacerbates inequality between the participants.

The creators did not like any of these protocols, and therefore mining in the usual sense does not exist EOS, however, new blocks are mined according to the principle: 1 block every 3 seconds. If the block is not created at the specified time, then it is skipped. The creation of new blocks is carried out in the framework of 21 rounds.

Before the start of a new round, a list of 21 manufacturers of new units is formed. In the course of each round, the system automatically selects 20 applicants deserving attention, and the role of the last miner is assigned to the earner, chosen proportionally to the number of votes in comparison with other earners. The recruited candidates are shuffled using a random number generator, which guarantees that each of the miners will keep in touch with other miners.

It sounds a bit confusing, so let’s clarify how EOS mining happens:

  1. Network members are divided into two groups – voting and validating (confirming, verifying).
  2. Those who received the right to vote cannot themselves be validators. So, one category of participants chooses another category, which will be responsible for the formation of blocks.
  3. The validator cannot maintain anonymity. He is obliged to reveal the identity, having taken on obligations in the uninterrupted support of the work of the network node allocated to him, in time to verify transactions and create new blocks of EOS coins.

DPoS consensus works in such a way that any member of the network has the right to claim the role of validator. Having put forward his candidacy, he awaits the vote of users. The voting weight of each voter depends on the amount of EOS cryptocurrency that he owns. By voting, up to 50 candidates are appointed with the right to create new blocs.

Moreover, when selecting validators based on a random number generator, a queue is created. It is impossible to determine its order in advance, so all applicants find themselves on an equal footing. Having received its place in the queue, the validator receives a certain time period during which he is obliged to generate a new block. If the validator does not have time, then the next participant in the queue does it, etc.

Where to buy coins

Convenient cryptocurrency exchanges, where you can buy EOS cryptocurrency, are:

  • OKEx;
  • Binance;
  • Huobi;
  • Bitfinex;
  • HitBTC;
  • Bithumb;
  • Kucoin;
  • DobiTrade and others.

At these sites, it is allowed to buy EOS only for other cryptocurrencies, mainly BTC or ETH. For investors from Russia and the countries of the former USSR, it is most convenient to buy EOS on the LiveCoin exchange, if there are no cryptocurrency, as this platform allows you to replenish the balance in rubles, dollars and euros through bank cards and convenient payment systems, for example, Qiwi, AdvCash, etc. .

Price Forecast

Every reader is probably concerned about the issue of the prospects for increasing the price of EOS cryptocurrency. The forecast from leading experts of cryptoindustry is quite positive. From the coin waiting for stable growth. Even by the most modest estimates, if you buy EOS at the current rate, then in 5 years the coin will give almost 1000% of profit without taking into account that the cryptocurrency market will reach a new stage of development, thanks to institutional capital.

Price Forecast

This forecast is supported by the fact that EOS is financially supported by the largest funds and private investors. Among them: Peter Thiel, who founded the payment system PayPal, Louis Bacon, hedge fund manager MSM, Alan Howard, who holds the post of head of the fund Brevan Howard, the largest manufacturer of Asik and other equipment for mining cryptocurrency Bitmain, etc.

Review results

The EOS blockchain network is designed to support the actions of millions of participants using a share proof delegation algorithm. The created operating system will facilitate the development, implementation and management of decentralized applications, allowing large businesses to transfer their work to a comfortable and scalable blockchain platform.

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If you find an error, please select the text fragment and press Ctrl + Enter.


EOS is a cryptocurrency, the forecast of which is 2018 is one of the most controversial. This platform is declared as an innovative product in the field of information technology, designed to solve the “urgent problems” of popular systems (for example, Ethereum and Bitcoin), these include:

  • insufficient bandwidth;
  • difficulty scaling;
  • high fees.

The EOS mechanism involves the implementation of parallel processing of transactions and asynchronous communication, which will serve as a guarantee of extremely high network bandwidth. It is assumed that it will be able to support millions of users at a time.

Important! The launch of the cryptoplatform will occur after the end of the ICO project: it is scheduled for June 2018. The software code of the product is in the public domain.

Analysis of the dynamics of the course

The study of the schedule of changes in the rate of EOS tokens on the market makes it possible to predict a steady increase in the value of coins in the future, subject to the implementation of all the stated technological parameters. Otherwise, the project is unlikely to be claimed.

Table 1. Key periods on the chart of changes in the rate of EOS

dateEventToken Value
07/01/2017Start of bidding1.01-1.03 USD
07.03.2017The surge in token value after market entry5.40 USD
Mid July – early November 2017Correction and minor fluctuationsMainly in the range of 0.5-1.5 USD
The beginning of November 2017 – the middle of January 2018The wavy growth of the token rate amid a general increase in the level of interest in the cryptocurrency market0.78 USD at the beginning of the period and a further increase in excess of the level of 16 USD
01/13/2018Reaching the peak18.71 USD
Mid-January 2018 – the current momentCorrection of the token rate against the background of a general fall in cryptocurrency market capitalization indicatorsMore than 16 USD at the beginning of the period and a further drop to 4 USD, at the moment the rate has stabilized at the level of 5-6 USD per coin

Figure 1. Graph of the cost of EOS at the start of trading in July 2017.

Figure 2. Graph of EOS exchange rate changes from November 2017

Key factors for the development of the platform and its prospects

The key factors determining the price of EOS coins today are:

  • the daily production of tokens with different values ​​(the price of a coin is not fixed, to determine it, the total amount of Ether collected in 23 hours – the time the block was formed – is divided into 2 million tokens received);
  • a significant amount of emission (the total number of tokens will be 1 billion);
  • first results of work with a test version of the product;
  • the amount of speculation with the participation of EOS tokens on large cryptobirds;
  • insufficient technical information about the product.

A significant role for forecasting is also played by the confidence factor in the project development team represented by the employees of Block.one. It consists of successful and talented people, each of whom is a professional in their field. They are well known to the blockchain community, which generally has a favorable effect on the reputation of the new platform.

  1. Daniel Larimer, technical director of the organization, is known as the founder of BitShares, the Graphene platform, and the social network Steemit. All projects have been successfully implemented and have found their application in the field of cryptocurrency. At the same time, the widespread opinion that D. Larimer is inclined to give up the realization of his ideas, leaving them halfway when the first difficulties arise, has a negative effect on the level of trust in EOS.
  2. Brendan Blümer, founder of Okay.com and II5, is the CEO of Block.one.
  3. Among the partners and consultants of the project are well-known specialist in the cryptographic industry, Jan Grigg and the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce.

Figure 3. EOS Team

The creators of the EOS platform carry out active marketing promotion of their product and take part in a large number of thematic forums and conferences. At the end of the first stage of the ICO, which took only 5 days (from 06.26.2017 to 01.07.2017) and collected $ 185 million, Daniel Larimer also made sure that tokens were listed on the most popular exchanges, on the basis of which trading digital currency, such as Binance.

Cooperation with major players in the cryptocurrency market, such as Bancor and Bitfinex, strengthens the position of EOS, but the most important parameter in the near future will be the successful launch of the working version of the platform.

A test version of the product is available now, its development process is not limited to technical documentation and has great potential for development. It is expected that a significant amount of collected money will provide an opportunity to implement the idea at a decent level.

The capitalization of the project to date has reached more than 4 billion US dollars. The token rate is subject to fluctuations, which, however, is characteristic of any cryptocurrency in a constantly changing market.

The long period of the ICO and its peculiar form are designed to equalize the market price of the token, but in practice they also provide convenient conditions for speculative operations. The advantage is attracting a large number of investors and the lack of unhealthy excitement around the project.

Expert opinion

Analysts’ forecasts regarding the future of the EOS cryptoplatform are ambiguous: some experts promise it a great future and consider it a real successor to Ethereum and related systems, others treat the project with caution or consider it as a kind of scam.

  1. Jean-Louis van der Velde, the head of Bitfinex cryptobirth, called EOS technology “transforming”, and also entered into a partnership agreement with its developers and used the idea to create a new decentralized platform EOSfinex.
  2. Chris de Rose, a software developer and renowned financial analyst, considers EOS a project that is divorced from reality and has no future.

Most experts agree that EOS still has chances to find its niche in the cryptocurrency world along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo, and also to become a reliable operating system for deploying commercial applications.

Videotape of Daniel Larimer’s report on EOS technology and its prospects:

The main advantages of NEO

  • Using the fault-tolerant dBFT protocol, which protects the entire system from powerful hacker attacks;
  • Support for the most popular programming languages ​​- Java, C #, Go and Python. This approach expands opportunities for promoting NEO services;
  • Virtual machine (Neo VM), which allows launching custom smart contacts in two clicks;
  • The actual throughput of NEO reaches 1000 t / s;
  • Payment of fees in GAS tokens, which are intrasystem and are charged to all holders of NEO;
  • The ability to create digital certificates that are registered in the system and pass identification. That is, they are protected by law and can be used in the real world;
  • Using the NeoFS protocol, which allows you to manage digital certificates without a central server;

The main disadvantages of NEO

  • Pseudo-centralization. All 13 nodes NEO controls the developers of the company and never tried to hide this fact;
  • Lack of anonymity, since the system is legally regulated. All transactions in the network are monitored, they are open and transparent;
  • Cooperation with government agencies in China;

NEO Investment Perspectives

In my opinion, NEO is a fairly promising cryptocurrency project, which already provides scalable technical solutions. The company does not stand still, develops and concludes strategic partnerships with such giants as Microsoft, Alibaba, Wings, etc. In particular, NEO cryptocurrency quickly increased its popularity and now confidently sat down in the TOP 10 largest cryptocurrencies. All this suggests that NEO is a great option for investment, which, as it develops, will definitely bring profit to its investors.

The first in the capitalization rating, active price growth, a unique technology and good development prospects in the future are all characteristics of EOS cryptocurrency, the 2018 forecast for which is a steady continuation of the bullish trend. What is the uniqueness of this project, where to buy EOS cryptocurrency and how to make money on its growth?

About the EOS project and its features

EOS tokens are issued by a company of the same name, run by Dan Larimer (previously known from Stemit and BitShares projects), who developed a platform based on Ethereum source code to support DApps applications and decentralized programs.

The main advantage of EOS is the high speed of information processing, due to which, this high-speed cryptocurrency is called “Ethereum on doping”. Providing millions of transactions per second, the EOS cryptocurrency platform supports asynchronous communication and parallel data processing, which is a real breakthrough in the world of blockchain technology.

For example, the Bitcoin system is capable of processing only 3 operations per second, and WAVES is about 1000. Against this background, the EOS advanced blockchain-architecture, which processes millions of transactions per second, looks phenomenal and is being tested today by numerous world-famous companies data processing.

Price of EOS cryptocurrency – prospects and forecasts

EOS tokens were released to the cryptocurrency market in May 2017 at a price of $ 1 for 1 token. By the beginning of 2018, the cost of 1 EOS token increased to $ 14.59, and the market capitalization of this cryptocurrency jumped to an impressive $ 9,089,759,289 (the first place in the token market capitalization rating).

Such rapid results of cost growth and capitalization confirm the claims about the demand for EOS technology and the huge interest in it from large consumers and investors.

What awaits the future of EOS cryptocurrency – the forecast for 2018-2020, is a continuation of the growth in price, at which the achievement of target levels of $ 25 and $ 50 for 1 EOS token looks more than realistic.

Analyzing the prospects of cryptocurrency EOS 2018-2020, it is necessary to understand that EOS is not just another interesting cryptocurrency, but a serious business platform that has a useful practical application in reality.

This platform simplifies and significantly speeds up the process of transferring data in a blockchain system to decentralized trading and data processing. This feature is useful for both users and large e-commerce companies that manage global services or social networks.

Where to buy EOS cryptocurrency and which EOS exchanges to use?

Due to its popularity, market capitalization rate and stable growth in price, today (2018) EOS cryptocurrency is listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the main exchanges where you can buy EOS cryptocurrency is the BINANCE exchange – the largest platform with huge trading volumes and the number of traders. And as we know, high liquidity on the stock exchange is the very factor that provides buyers and sellers with the most favorable prices for purchases and sales of assets.

Buy EOS on the BINANCE exchange

You can learn how to buy cryptocurrency in the most profitable way from our article on the use of pending Limit and Stop-Limit orders. And we wish you that the future growth in the price of EOS tokens will be an excellent growth driver for your investment!

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