Esports champions will receive a bonus for admission to the Russian University of Economics. Plekhanov

MOSCOW, 6 Sep — PRIME. Federation of Computer Sports of Russia and Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanov at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) signed a cooperation agreement. The document provides for the joint holding of eSports tournaments, scientific research in the field of eSports, the organization of forums, conferences, competitions, as well as the development of a joint unique educational program.

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Organizations will join forces to create and introduce elements of a scientific approach into the field of computer sports. Joint research, technology exchange, biological and anti-doping research are expected.

It is planned to jointly create a center for monitoring the development of e-sports in universities, as well as to hold the All-Russian e-sports Olympiad, the winners and prize-winners of which will be awarded additional points for the Unified State Examination upon admission to the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov.

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At the same time, additional points for the exam do not mean free admission, and the conditions at the sessions will be equal for everyone. “For us, the quality of education is important first of all. Victories in international tournaments, for example, in the Olympiad, give points to the Unified State Examination. We believe that e-sportsmen are the same athletes, especially since there are already sportsmen and “masters of sports” are just around the corner in computer games,” REU rector Ivan Lobanov told Prime.

According to him, esports at the university is a nice bonus for students’ leisure, where they can prove themselves. “Our team participates in all-Russian competitions, we have a strong Dota2 team. Our guys competed with a team from Donetsk University in “tactical three-dimensional combat” – CS.GO. A “bootcamp” has been created at REU and all conditions for training cybersportsmen and holding championships” , he noted.

According to Lobanov, many popular games are made by Russian developers, but through companies registered abroad. To get away from this, it is planned to discuss legislative measures to support developers at home, summed up the rector of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov.

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