EVGA robbed of graphics cards in truck coups

At this point, it has hardly escaped anyone with the slightest interest in computers that the latest generation of graphics cards completely fly off the storage shelves, at least the few that actually arrive. The supply does not meet the demand and the prices are well above the recommended prices (MSRP), which also makes graphics cards an attractive replacement for those who are looking to earn a buck in a less legal way.

► Graphics cards became almost 10 percent more expensive in October

EVGA has just experienced this, when one of the partner manufacturer’s trucks was hijacked on its way to EVGA’s distribution center in Southern California, USA. The vehicle was currently loaded with graphics cards from Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 3000 series, which according to EVGA’s product manager Jacob Freeman is estimated to be worth from 330 to a breathtaking 1,960 USD each, which corresponds to approximately 3,000 and 16,900 kronor, respectively.

Exactly how many graphics cards were stolen is not revealed, based on the type of transport and destination, however, it is probably a larger number. It is also worth noting that the valuation is based on recommended prices and that the actual market value of graphics cards at both retailers and the secondary market is higher.

EVGA will NOT REGISTER or HONOR ANY WARRANTY or UPGRADE claims on these products.

On EVGA’s forums, they warn users partly that according to local laws it is illegal to buy stolen goods, and partly that EVGA does not provide any form of guarantee or the like for the stolen graphics cards. To make sure that a card from the secondary market is not stolen, it is possible to verify the serial number on the manufacturer’s website.

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