Extensive Review of the PES 2020

A few months ago, konami talks about the great news and surprises that its new 2020 saga brings us that already premiered on September 10, and after a few hours of games here is the summary with the new, the bad and the good. Will there be a successful konami with this new bet?

Launcher and Main Menu

Starting from the Launcher at all costs it is very simple and with few options, the only graphic changes that allows us to make is the resolution and the FPS of the game, modify the controls and the audio options somewhat (change from 2.1, .5.1 or 7.1) depending on the equipment you have.

Jumping to the main menu unlike previous sagas makes us very friendly, comfortable, simple. Very easy to understand and guide, in a few minutes you get used to it and know it by heart, visually nothing to complain about.

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It is essential to start talking about the fact that in pes2020 unlike previous sagas the position of the player is essential when wanting to throw into the goal, take a pass, center, etc. It is essential that the player can throw comfortably with his skillful leg otherwise the shot will go anywhere.

Another great novelty is the movement of the team without the ball they no longer have the same position as always, now they move opening spaces and generating a wide range of moves.

Continuing with the gameplay, it is a tradition that every year it becomes more fundamental to learn the different ways to uncheck, consolidate in a good way the manual passes, center, archery, etc. and this only in the offensive field since defensively yes that konami has incorporated new things, starting by the archers; This year it is difficult to score a goal both for the aforementioned and for the update made to the archers, they give us great paradons with spectacular animations. The ball no longer enters under the 3 sticks with a well placed shot, the presence of goalkeeper is felt in this saga. Moving on to the area of ​​the defenders, it is no longer just pressing a simple button and pressing until the ball is removed, every year there are new ways to cover the area, press and even remove the ball. Now you can “put body”, press away, wait for the ball even forward line, a great defensive innovation, although the sides are somewhat behind in the offensive. Jumping into the midfield you can’t talk about many new features, but a great point stands out; each player is different, it is no longer the same to haggle or throw a long pass or play at first touch with any half camper, there is a big difference between having Sergio Busquets or Toni kroos in your team, each one has its own style and rhythm of game.

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Already jumping to the front of the field we find the strikers and extremes, every year the difference between throwing to the goal with a net forward to a central defender is bigger, in this new saga if you are going to play with extremes it is preferable with fast extremes at the beginning since otherwise you will not be faced with many arrival options if the enemy knows how to defend since if you play with such a 4-3-3 or similar or you have running ends or with good dribbling and good feints, this second It is difficult to achieve optimally with few hours of play.

Closing it in the field of konami gameplay, I take it out, every year it takes more leaps and bounds and it surprises us in a pleasant way, although for some time now I stopped being a game with repetitive mechanics and monotonous playing style, with each new saga there are new mechanics, styles and not only that but realism. As mentioned before, it is not the same to throw at the door with a defense than with a forward, it does not matter what midfield you are playing, every year there is it becomes more difficult to convert a goal, but all this gives a realism that Any fan drives him crazy. Adding the graphic quality that is the great improvement to the field in terms of lighting and grass, it becomes much more visually pleasing when playing, in addition to the very striking incorporation of the “stadium camera” that although somewhat uncomfortable at first As you put hours and hours into the game you can take advantage, great plays can be achieved in addition to a total realism that at first glance looks like a real match.

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Turning to the theme of the different game modes there is not much to talk about, great news can be said that they are not found, in starting game is the classic menu of always with the typical local, cooperative, versus, league, cup etc. On the other hand, being a legend remains intact since last year but there is nothing to complain about always a good option to distract hours and hours building a spectacular player from below to the top.

Talking about the mode efootball can be summed up in a less competitive online, the most striking is the incorporation in this new saga of the so-called matchday mode, an event that will stand out in the derbys which consists in choosing your side playing and competing against other players to generate points with which at Finishing the event is the winner, the more games you earn the more points you get. Adding this entertainment and rivalry that we love every player rewards are added for the myclub mode which are never too much.

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Talking about the gameplay MASTER LEAGUE in this one if changes are denoted by the addition of new technical directors such as j. Cruyff, D. Maradona, Zico, Romario, among others.

In addition to more dynamic video sequences with clearer dialogues when interacting, it does not happen as in Pes 2019 that the responses are similar to each other. This is only the beginning since the big surprises come in the market and the evolution of both the players and the team. Like every year if you are new to this in the master league it will be a bit difficult, of course, it is never easy when it comes to teamwork, negotiations and finances. Creating the team of our dreams, signing new and better players, conferences and playing with our own creation is something totally captivating, it is the favorite offline game mode of pes 2020.

Even so, if you want to talk about the online mode the key is MYCLUB This year, no major changes have been seen with the naked eye, but you should not be fooled, when you see the player’s card you will notice great fundamental incorporations for the development of your team, in addition to the fact that the team spirit is becoming more fundamental, the formation according to your style of play and the coach’s style of play among other things. Commenting on online gameplay every year is better so far it gives us a fluid game without jerks, much less disconnects, it is nice to compete against other opponents even more with the events that konami brings out every week with great rewards. If you are a multiplayer fan online you will spend a lot of hours.

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Final Words

Konami with eFootball pes 2020 has taken it out, every year brings us big surprises this time with its great progress in the gameplay. every time they add more mechanics and game styles, in each saga the gaming experience is more real, adding the great advance in the online theme, its fluency when playing and its endless weekly events makes it extremely striking, even more remarkable It is its stadium camera, the lighting and the grass, it totally dazzles us when it comes to playing.

Although it continues sinning in the area of ​​licenses every year progresses somewhat. It is expected that by 2021 we will get the big surprise in this detail, adding to the game modes in which this year minimal details were made, but only in myclub, master league and the incorporation of matchday.

Moreover, all these cons are left in the shade to the initial whistle, the more games you take, the more you grab it, its gameplay and graphics are a total delight, its speed and the moves you can create have no comparison. Without a doubt, to date, 2020 is the best saga.

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