EZVIZ Mini O Plus IP Webcam

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The choice of home security cameras is huge these days and, while the big brands may be where you look first, there are some compelling alternatives. If you are looking for an indoor camera, the Mini O Plus is the latest from Ezviz. This is a new brand from the well-known manufacturer of CCTV Hikvision.

The EZVIZ Mini O Plus is a full-HD camera that can record on an internal microSD card and / or in the cloud. It supports two-way audio, night vision and, surprisingly, it costs less than $ 50USD. The Mini O 1080p was initially called Mini O Plus, and you can still find some retail boxes with the previous name.

In the shape of an inverted white tear, which reminds us of EVA from the movie Wall · E, the Mini O 1080p takes up little space. Approximately 4.5 inches tall and only about 1.25 inches deep at its thickest point, pivots in all directions on the patella that connects it to the 1.6-inch round base.

The black faceplate surrounds the lens and 12 infrared LEDs for night vision. A status LED light flashes under the faceplate. The microphone is under the lens, the speaker is on the back and a microSD memory card slot is on the side. (You provide your own memory card).

Ezviz describes the Mini O 1080 as wireless; However, that refers to your internet connectivity. The device still requires the supplied 3mts power cable, which connects to a mini-USB port on the back and a small 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.75-inch power block that will not hide the adjacent jacks. The screwed base disk magnetically connects to the Mini O 1080, which means it would be easy for anyone to remove the camera.

The Mini O 1080p complies with the WEP, WPA / WPA2 and WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK 64/128 bit security protocols. It also offers optional image encryption with a user-defined password and two-step verification when the user turns it off.

User Experience

The Mini O 1080p has a 135-degree field of view and captures 1080p HD video through a glass lens and a 1 / 2.7-inch, 2-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Our test display during the day, threw videos of good quality (although not excellent), with precise colors and a fairly strong contrast. While the camera shows some pixelation, the faces were very recognizable.

Although the audio is half-duplex rather than complete (the latter allows simultaneous two-way communication), the quality of the recorded sound and the two-way chat is excellent. In our tests, the voices were very strong and easy to understand, without distortions.

The motion detection of the Mini O 1080 can be set to always be on or to follow a schedule. You can activate motion detection for up to four separate time periods each day, either by repeating specific time zones on several days or by setting each day separately. In this case, the programming interface of the Mini O web portal is much more accessible and informative than the mobile application.

Since the Mini O 1080p can accommodate a microSD card with up to 128 GB of storage, you are not required to subscribe to a cloud storage plan to save and access recorded videos. (However, the memory card is not included with the camera). However, if you do not buy cloud storage, your options are limited to live camera feed, automatic notifications with a snapshot, and the configuration of your device saved in the cloud (instead of just locally).

Ezviz security cameras and software are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. For example, with Alexa, you can watch the camera’s live streaming camera on Echo Show, Echo Dot and Fire TV. Or you can have Alexa or Google Assistant activate Sleep Mode.

Final Words

It is possible that the Ezviz Mini O 1080p does not have the excellent video of more expensive security cameras like the Arge of Netgear. But for less than $ 50USD, in Chile it can be found by $ 37,990CLP at PCFactory, The EZVIZ Mini 1080p is a better device than rival security cameras like Canary View or Blink XT, because the Mini 1080p has a deeper feature set and better video quality. For less than $ 60USD, the Mini O will give you the video, audio and tools you need to monitor your home.

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