Far Cry 6 is best played on PC. This is where the game will offer the most

Far Cry 6 is best played on PC.  This is where the game will offer the most

Wccftech had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Stephanie Branham from Ubisoft studio, who revealed that Far Cry 6 is best played on PC. At least if you have newer hardware and expect the best visual experience.

Due to technological exclusivity, Far Cry 6 is apparently best played on a PC

Far Cry 6 is being developed with direct support from AMD. Hence the wide compatibility with the technologies of this company, although Ubisoft also took care of players with equipment from the second camp, i.e. NVIDIA. Therefore, debuting on October 7, the new Far Cry will support DirectX Ray Tracing API using both NVIDIA Tensor and AMD Ray Accelerators cores. However, when it comes to real-time super resolution, it will only offer FidelityFX Super Resolution technology.

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Ray tracing is a feature available only on PCs. On consoles, our goal was to take advantage of new hardware capabilities, such as optimizing for 4K performance and reaching 60 frames per second, while supporting new game features, such as our dynamic weather system, on all platforms. […]

FSR is an option that we give our PC players and the performance improvements seen in FSR really depend on the hardware configuration. This is a feature that can help players achieve higher final resolutions with smooth interactive frames.

Said Stephanie Branham of Ubisoft.

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At the moment, nothing is known about DLSS support, but we do know that all these technologies, ensuring successively better visual effects and higher smooth gameplay, will be available only on personal computers. This means that on the next-gen consoles we will not experience better shadows and lighting, and drastically higher fluidity due to FSR.

It is interesting to note that in the case of FidelityFX Super Resolution, Ubisoft will not use the noise reduction technology built into AMD’s work, putting on its own solution.