Fire on the TSMC premises. Prices are set to rise again and the company is looking for money to produce in the US

Today we have three important information for you about Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, i.e. TSMC, which has a bright future ahead and on which a lot depends on the technology market. It is she who is responsible for the production of a whole lot of systems, sitting in our computers, smartphones or consoles, and she definitely does not intend to rest on its laurels after the last many successful years and contracts.

Fire of the TSMC facility, further potential increases and higher transparency of deliveries to the US

Let’s start with what will most likely affect us the most, i.e. the chances for further rate hikes. In Taiwan, there was a fire at the water treatment plant under construction for TSMC, which is located on the same site as the plant dedicated to the 5nm process. Two workers affected by the fire were pulled from the scene, which caught the fire reportedly by sparks that ignited the construction foam while welding the pipeline. The responsibility, however, does not lie with TSMC, but with a construction company that has not taken care of safety and will sell the TSMC facility only after its construction.

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This type of fire probably did not threaten the production sector, the fruit of which is said to increase in price again. According to the Jiwei news site, TSMC may raise prices even further as competition (UMC) has already made the decision and informed its customers of a price increase of several percent from January 2023. These types of reports just matched requests from the US Department of Commerce for supply chain data. TSMC has agreed to this and will release the data requested by the Americans by the 8th of next month.

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TSMC in the USA, or more precisely, in Arizona

Established in November 2020, TSMC Arizona Corporation will reportedly mainly produce and sell integrated circuits. To that end, it plans to spend approximately $ 12 billion between 2021 and 2029 on the construction and operation of an advanced Fab 21 semiconductor manufacturing facility in the Phoenix City area. The construction of the factory began in April 2021, but we will wait three more years for the commencement of commercial production and the increase in supply on the logic circuit market.

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production of 3 nm TSMC chips, 3 nm TSMC

TSMC Arizona, however, has no intention of shelling out such cash from its parent company’s pocket, and so earlier this week submitted a securities issue plan on which it is expected to “earn” $ 4.5 billion. There was a statement in the prospectus for the administration of the document that the funds generated would be used for administrative purposes.